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Roleplays / UFC - CM Punk & Bray Wyatt
« on: February 28, 2021, 02:41:47 PM »
Kent:Good Afternoon and welcome back to another edition of EWA Live via Facebook Live. This afternoon, I am happy to be joined by one of the men who will be competing for the EWA World Heavyweight Championship inside the Triple Tier Cage at the Extreme Bowl, please welcome for the first time to the program, CM Punk.

CM Punk:Thanks for having me.

Kent:Lets get it out of the way, it has been a while since you have competed inside a squared circle and many are surprised you choose this place, to be the home for your return to the ring. Why did you choose this place?

CM Punk:Because quite frankly, this is the only place that will allow me to just be extremely bitchy about everything that I want to be bitchy about.

(Stares at camera)

CM Punk:But the serious answer is this. I am no stranger to this company. I had a cup of coffee here that didn't go as well as I hoped it would have back in the day and I have always thought that I needed to rewrite that chapter of my life. The opportunity came up and I jumped on it. Everyone knows that I took a much needed break from this business. I had to sort some stuff out and I have. I got my assed kicked in a ring that was not squared, but I enjoyed that opportunity I was given by the UFC.

However, professional wrestling is what I was born to do. I have been in love with this business for a majority of my life and in the past couple of years, I have found that passion for this business again. I didn't think that passion would have led me to once again stepping back in the ring. I only thought I would be someone who would talk about the business and not actually step inside the squared circle, but like the saying goes, in this business, you never say never.

I never said never again. Well I may have, but again, you can't ever say it, so it didn't actually count.

Kent:How has training been going?

CM Punk:Training has been going well. I haven't really changed any of my habits I had when I was trying in MMA. In fact, I am still training some MMA Style stuff. The only difference between the MMA Stuff and the Wrestling stuff, is cardio. Wrestling cardio is no joke. You think your cardio is good and then you get inside the ring and you run around a bunch and you take some bumps and you run those ropes, those unforgiving ropes, you learn real fast that you need to up your cardio game. So I would say thats the one thing I have been focusing on, trying to get my cardio game back up to speed.

In terms of everything else. I did this for almost two decades. Wrestling instincts never go away. Knowing how to kick someone in the head, never goes away. Plus, with this event coming up, it is less about knowing how to trade hold for hold, it is about survival and fighting to the top.

There is one thing people know about me, I know how to survive. I know to fight and claw my way to the top. When you think about everything I have done in my career, I have had to do all of that. I have had to fight and claw my way to the top to accomplish every single thing I have ever wanted. When I wanted to change the game, I had to fight my ass off to do it and I was able to come out the other end a survivor.

Kent:Lets talk about your opponents in this match.

CM Punk:Where do you want to start?

Kent:Lets start with the champion, The Fiend Bray Wyatt.

CM Punk:What do you want to know?

Kent:Thoughts on facing someone as dominant and unpredictable as The Fiend?

CM Punk:The phrase, Unpredictable is a great way to describe who The Fiend is. You never know exactly what you are going to get from him. You don't know how dominant of a monster he is going to be on any given night.

There could be a point where you find a weakness of The Fiend and exploit it, but if you are slow to capitalize on his weakness, you are screwed, because The Fiend will be well aware of his weakness and able to overcome it, if you don't attack it quick enough.

That is what Bray Wyatt is good at as well. He is one of the smartest men to ever in this business, because he thinks on a different level than any of us. His craziness is what makes him the most dangerous. Which is why The Fiend is unpredictable...

(“Good Friendship Song” begins to play)

“We're really glad that you're our friend
And this is a friendship that will never ever end”

Bray Wyatt:Good Afternoon Everyone and Welcome to the Firefly FunHouse!

(Celebration Noises)

Bray Wyatt:Sorry for all of the mess around here, the Funhouse has been under a bit of a renovation in the last few weeks, which is why we haven't had a chance to invite you in to our home in the last few weeks. We are sorry about that.

Like I mentioned, we have gone under a bit of a renovation, as the Firefly FunHouse Has EXPANDED!

(Crowd Cheering Noises)

Despite the objects of a certain individual... (Coughs) Huskus (Coughs) The Firefly FunHouse Has Opened a STATE OF THE ART GYMNASIUM!

(Crowd Cheering Noises)

We have all of the best equipment that you could ever dream of. All the weights, all the machines, we are whipping Huskus right in to shape. Its been the BEST time ever. From what I understand, you need to have all of the BEST stuff, to be the BEST in the world, isn't that right CM Punk?

Oh where are my manners, let me formally introduce myself, My Name is Bray Wyatt. You may know a little bit about me, but I am glad I can finally formally introduce myself to you. Coming up at the Extreme Bowl, you will get formally introduced to HIM and knowing HIM the way I do, he is looking forward to formally introducing himself to you at the Extreme Bowl.


Just like he is excited to meet all his new friends at the Extreme Bowl. HE really likes making new friends, just like I do and everyone here in the Funhouse does. We like to make all types of friends here at the Funhouse. We are very welcoming to everyone.

Now, the reason for this interruption, is we have been hard at work here at the Funhouse like I mentioned earlier and we wanted to show off the new Gymnasium. Now, we could just posted pictures to the IG as the kids like to say, but we decided that whats better than showing off pictures on the Myspace Page, than showing you something LIVE and in person. Now while we have all of these fancy machines and what nots, we also built something SUPER DUPER COOL as well that we think even someone like CM Punk would enjoy.

You want to know what we built?

I think you do.

So everyone come a little bit closer. You gotta get really up close to hear what we built.


Just a little bit closer.


(Celebration Noises)

(Bray Wyatt appears in a Tuxedo as the scene switches to the Hexagon of Fun)



(Crowd Cheering Noises)


(Crowd Cheering Noises)

Your Referee In Charge... Mercy The Buzzard!

(Bell Sounds)

And we are under way! Look at these two individuals about to do battle. Ramblin' Rabbit starts the charge in and Huskus goes right in for the big chomp!

Things aren't looking good for old Ramblin' right now. He is trying to fight his way out of the clutches of Huskus The Pig.

Huskus The Pig just continues to chomp down on Ramblin'.

Mercy The Buzzard just stepped in and called the fight off.

(Bell Sounds)


Talk about a slaughter there folks. That performance right there reminded me of the performance of you CM Punk.


Tons of build and a complete let down.

(Laughs some more)

Just imagine what will happen when you are trapped inside the cage with... HIM!

You have been warned CM Punk. If I were you, I Would...






(Feed Cuts Out and cuts back to Kent Richardson & CM Punk)

Kent:CM Punk, your reaction?

CM Punk:Bray Wyatt is insane, thats my reaction. Come the Extreme Bowl, I will conquer The Fiend... Or I will die trying.

Kent:Thank You for joining me tonight. Get Ready Folks, the Extreme Bowl is near. We will see you again on EWA Live.

Roleplays / Is it Prize or Pride? - Undisputed Era
« on: February 03, 2021, 10:56:45 AM »
Kent:Welcome back to another edition of EWA Live streaming live on Facebook Live. My name is Kent Richardson and my guest today is none other than one of the members of the Undisputed Era, please welcome to the program, via Zoom, Adam Cole. Adam, thank you for joining me today.

Cole:Thanks for having me.

Kent:Lets start with the events of a few weeks ago, where the Undisputed Era made their debut. Yourself, along with your three partners, Roderick Strong, Kyle O'Reilly and Bobby Fish, decided to attack Brock Lesnar at Seasons Beatings. Its been a few weeks, do you still think it was a smart idea?

Cole:Of course it was. Do you really think we would have done something that wasn't a smart idea Kent?

Kent:Only reason I asked, is because coming up at the Extreme Bowl, you are now scheduled to go one on one with Brock Lesnar.

Cole:I welcome the opportunity. I welcome the opportunity to get in the ring with Brock Lesnar. I welcome the opportunity to get in the ring with him and KICK HIS ASS.

Kent:That is a very bold statement.

Cole:Thats because it is. That is also because thats is what is going to happen. I am not going to play the run around game and hype up Brock Lesnar, thats Paul Heyman's job. Paul Heyman will play the role of hype man for Brock Lesnar. My job is to tell it like it is and after I tell it like it is, my job is to get in the ring and back up every single thing that I say I am going to do.

I could come at you with a long list of things I will do. I could break it down move by move. I could tell you exactly when and where I am going to drop him in the middle of the ring. But why should I do that? Its much easier to say I am going to KICK HIS ASS and mean it.

Which is exactly what I am going to do.

(Paul Heyman walks in to the studio)

Kent:Paul, what are you doing here?

Heyman:I work here.

Kent:You arent scheduled to be apart of this program today.

Heyman:I understand that Kent. Now with all due respect, you need to keep quiet, as I want to talk to your guest today, Mister Adam Cole. Hello Adam.

Cole:Hello Paul.

Heyman:Now Mr. Cole, I was just in my office listening to what you had to say, especially about how you were going to kick my client, BRROOCCCCCKKKKKK LEEEEESSSSSSSSNNNNAAAAAAAAARRRR's ass, is that what I heard.

Cole:You damn right thats what you heard.

Heyman:I find that very amusing.

Cole:Why is that Paul?

Heyman:Because, my client is a BEAST. He is a Conqueror. He is a Destroyer. Can you say the same about yourself?

Cole:I dont have to call myself anything other than the guy is going to roll up to the Extreme Bowl and Superkick your clients head right off his shoulders.

Heyman:By yourself?

Cole:Of course by myself.

Heyman:What you are telling me, is that you don't need help from Roderick Strong, Kyle O'Reilly or Bobby Fish, is that what you are saying?

Cole:I see what you are trying to do Paul.

Heyman:What ever do you mean?

Cole:You want to try and drive a wedge between me and my boys. I know your tricks Paul.

Heyman:There are no tricks Mr. Cole. I just wanted to know if you are going to walk in to this match up with My Client, Brock Lesnar and fight him one on one.

Cole:I am coming to the Extreme Bowl and I am coming to kick your client's ass. Thats what I am coming to do.

Heyman:Say you can do it by yourself. Say it Mr. Cole, say it.

Cole:You best believe Paul, I can kick Brock Lesnar's ass all on my own.

Heyman:If you can kick his ass on your own, why didn't you do it back at Seasons Beatings. Why didn't you step up LIKE A MAN and do it by yourself. Why did you need your boys to help you?

Cole:It wasn't about needing help. That was about sending a message and thats what me and my boys did. We sent a message to you, your client and to this entire company.

Heyman:What exactly was that message?

Cole:That the Undisputed Era has arrived and we are here to make this place... OURS!

Heyman:If that was the message you were trying to send. I think it failed.

Cole:Why would you say that?

Heyman:All you did at Seasons Beatings, was piss off Brock Lesnar. You made him angry.

Cole:Oh did we?

Heyman:Why yes you did.

Cole:Good. I am glad he is pissed off. Brock Lesnar deserves to be pissed off and angry. But let me ask you something Paul.

Heyman:Whats that?

Cole:You always look out for your client's best interest right?

Heyman:Of course.

Cole:Wasn't your client demanding competition.

Heyman:Yes he was.

Cole:Didn't your client also declare himself for the Extreme Bowl Match.

Heyman:Yes he did.

Cole:Isn't the Extreme Bowl match an opportunity for bigger competition.


Cole:Isn't the Extreme Bowl for the EWA World Heavyweight Championship.

Heyman:It is.

Cole:Isn't your client a prize fighter?

Heyman:Yes, yes he is.

Cole:Then why isn't he fighting for the biggest prize in the world. Why isn't he in the Extreme Bowl fighting for the EWA World Heavyweight Championship. He did declare for it afterall.

Heyman:Because Mr. Cole, he is fighting you.

Cole:Did Brock Lesnar want to fight me or did you YOU want him to fight me?

Heyman:My client...

Cole:Don't give me the run around Paul. I know what the answer is. Brock Lesnar doesn't need a match with me to get revenge. He could storm in to a locker room and look for a fight. Its Brock Lesnar. Did you want him out of the championship match so your client doesnt have to face The Fiend?


Cole:What happened to Mr. Cole. Now its Adam. Did I strike a nerve with you Paul?

Heyman:Mr. Cole. You need to remember, not only am I the advocate for Brock Lesnar, I am also your boss.

Cole:Oh trust me, I know that you are playing both sides of the table. Which is why I know that you don't think your client could beat The Fiend. You were hoping that Ace would have taken the championship away from The Fiend, so your client could roll in to the Extreme Bowl and fight for the EWA World Heavyweight Championship. Since Ace didn't do it, you found the first opportunity you could to pull your client out of the match up. I doubt your client was too happy about that.

Heyman:My Client, was fine with it.

Cole:You just said it yourself, Brock Lesnar is a PRIZE fighter. There is no trophy in this for him. There is now championship on the line when him and I square off at the Extreme Bowl. Its just me and him. One on One. No championships. Just pride. So is he a Pride fighter now, not a prize fighter?

Heyman:My client is a Conqueror and Mr. Cole, he is coming to the Extreme Bowl, to conqueror you.

Cole:He is coming to conqueror me rather than fight for the EWA World Heavyweight Championship. Sounds like to me, you aren't doing whats best for your client.

Heyman:Why is that?

Cole:Because come the Extreme Bowl. Your Client, Mr. Heyman, is going to LOSE this PRIDE fight. As I am coming to the Extreme Bowl, to KICK HIS ASS and that simply, is UNDISPUTED!

(Call Hangs Up)

Kent:Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you all for tuning in another edition of EWA Live. We will see you all again very soon.

Event Details / Event Announcement #1: Extreme Bowl 2021
« on: January 12, 2021, 03:10:33 PM »
Kent:Welcome back everyone to another edition of EWA Live, streaming here on Facebook Live, my name is Kent Richardson. Today's guest joining us here via Zoom, is the Executive Director of the Extreme Wrestling Alliance, Paul Heyman, Paul welcome back to the show.

Paul Heyman:Thanks for having me.

Kent:How was your holidays?

Paul Heyman:I had an excellent time spending the holidays with the family. It was a good time had by all.

Kent:It has been a few weeks since Seasons Beatings, where does everything stand right now with everything going on with the company?

Paul Heyman:Well, as you mentioned with your first question, it was the holiday season, I allowed the employees of this company to spend sometime, safely of course, with their families and enjoy the holiday season. Now everyone is back to work, some are spending time in the office and some are working from home, which is what I am doing today.

As we stand right now as a company, we are pouring all of our resources in to our next event, which some of the talent had been mentioning back at Seasons Beatings, Extreme Bowl 2021.

Kent:Do we have a date in mind for the event?

Paul Heyman:We have been talking with all our partners and have decided, that LIVE from the Hardcore Colliseum, we will be presenting The Extreme Bowl 2021, on February 28th, 2021.

Kent:What can you tell us about the show?

Paul Heyman:Well, we can talk about the one match the show is built around and that is, the Extreme Bowl match, which like it has been done in the past, the EWA World Heavyweight Championship will be on the line inside the Triple Tier Cage, which means, you will see the EWA World Heavyweight Champion, The Fiend Bray Wyatt defending his championship.

Kent:Who will be the challengers?

Paul Heyman:Well, it feels like it is tradition at this point, but the first challenger I would like to announce is that Lone Jobber will be in the Extreme Bowl. Another man who has thrown his hat in the ring to be apart of the Extreme Bowl, was CM Punk.

Kent:What did you think of CM Punk returning to the company?

Paul Heyman:He will make an excellent addition to this roster and will help this business move forward.

Kent:Is there anyone else you would like to announce?

Paul Heyman:Well Kent, my client, BROOOOOOOOOCCCCCCKKKKKKKK LEEEEEEEESSSSSSSNNNNAAAAAAAAAARRRR... As you know wanted more competition, which is why back at Seasons Beatings, we announced that my client would be competing in the Extreme Bowl match for the EWA World Heavyweight Championship, however, those plans change.

Kent:How so?

Paul Heyman:Undisputed Era changed the game.

Kent:What happens now?

Paul Heyman:You see, after Seasons Beatings, Brock Lesnar was very heated, which he had every right to be. He spent a couple of weeks away from everyone, hunting, like he normally does and he texted me the following.

Im ready to hunt them bitches.

So, Brock Lesnar is now on the hunt, for something other than the EWA World Heavyweight Championship. He is hunting The Undisputed Era and their leader, Adam Cole. Which is why I am happy to announce that at the Extreme Bowl event, it will be for the first time in history, Brock Lesnar one on one with Adam Cole.

Kent:Thats a big match.

Paul Heyman:Indeed it is.

Kent:Is there anyone else you would like to announce for the Extreme Bowl?

Paul Heyman:Today? No. I will say, there are a few spots left and if you really want to lock yourself in a cage with The Fiend, feel free to step up to the plate, because well, I wouldnt be stupid enough to be locked in there with a Fiend. Thats just me.

Kent:Thanks for your time here today Paul.

Paul Heyman:Thanks for having me.

Kent:Ladies and Gentlemen, that was Paul Heyman and we can officially say, the road to the bowl, begins today. We will see you next time for more EWA Live!

FEBRUARY 28th, 2021

The Fiend Bray Wyatt (c) vs Lone Jobber vs CM Punk vs TBD vs TBD vs TBD

Adam Cole vs Brock Lesnar



Roleplays / Undisputed Beginnings - Undisputed Era
« on: January 12, 2021, 01:12:14 PM »
(Moments following Seasons Beatings, Kent Richardson catches up with The Undisputed Era.)

Kent:Guys, what just happened out there?

O'Reilly:What happened out there, was the four of us making a statement. It was the four of us going in to that ring and showing the supposed baddest man on the planet, that hes far from it.

Fish:We showed Brock Lesnar whose ring it actually is.

Kent:What is your role with Degeneration X?

Cole:What do you mean our role? We have no role with in Degeneration X. We are The Undisputed Era first and foremost. The most DOMINANT group in all of professional wrestling right now. We are more DOMINANT than any Club out there. We put on more of a HURT on anyone in this Business as you just clearly saw in that ring tonight. You see Kent, everyone knows that Triple H and Shawn Michaels have been the ones running the show around here for the better part of twenty years.

Strong:Thats a very long time.

Cole:It is Roddy. Everyone also knows Kent, that Triple H and Shawn Michaels have influence elsewhere and everyone knows that they have give us an opportunities in the past to BE the best in this business. So you ask what our role with DX is... There is no role. Its only opportunity.

They opened up the door for us to walk right in to. They opened up the door and said guys, this place is yours now. Do what you want with it. Which is exactly what we are going to do.

Strong:We have the keys to the kingdom now Kent. There is no one who can stop us.

Fish:No One.

Kent:Why did you target Brock Lesnar?

Strong:Attacking people just for the sake of attacking people makes no sense. If you are going to make a statement, you make it by attacking one of the best of all time. Brock Lesnar is one of the best of all time in this ring. So what we did was took the top guy and knocked him down a level. Simple as that.

Kent:Do you think Brock Lesnar is going to be looking for revenge?

Cole:If Brock Lesnar is smart, he wouldn't come anywhere close to the Undisputed Era, because what happened in that ring tonight, will happen again. So Brock, you don't want none of the Undisputed Era. Stay away.

And with that Kent, we are out of here. Just know, that from this moment forward, the EWA is run by the Undisputed Era!

(All Four Men Pose as the feed fades to Black)

Feedback / Seasons Beatings 2020
« on: December 29, 2020, 02:18:10 PM »
Feel Free to leave your feedback and reactions to Seasons Beatings 2020!

Roleplays / UnHappy Beast (Brock Lesnar)
« on: December 09, 2020, 01:19:11 PM »
Paul Heyman:Ladies and Gentlemen, my name is Paul Heyman and I am here today as the Advocate for the Undisputed Greatest Fighter in the World, the BEAST known as BROCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKK LESSSSNNNNNAAAARRRR!

Over the last few days, my client has informed me of his unhappiness of being left off of tonight's Seasons Beatings event and how EWA management has mishandled this entire situation. My client has informed me to speak on his behalf today to let you all know that he wants me to file a compliant on his behalf. Which is what I am going to formally do right here and right now.

Let me pick up my phone and lets call up EWA management.

(Dials Phone)

Hello, this is Paul Heyman, the Advocate for the Undisputed Greatest Fighter in the World, Brock Lesnar. My client would like to formally file a complaint about being excluded from tonight's Seasons Beatings event.

(Sound Mumbles)

Yes I understand.

(More Mumbling Sounds)

Yes, I understand how that can happen.

(More Mumbling Sounds)

Are you sure?

(More Mumbling Sounds)

Okay. That should work. Good Day.

(Hangs up phone)

That was a productive conversation and we have come to a resolution. I was told, that EWA Management will be formally making an announcement any moment.

(Screen Transitions)

Ladies and Gentlemen, my name is Paul Heyman, the Executive Director of the Extreme Wrestling Alliance. I just had a conversation with the management for the Undisputed Greatest Fighter in the World, BROCCCCCCCCCCCCK LESSSSNNNNNAAAAR. They spoke to me about how their client was not apart of this show.

I am happy to announce, that tonight, Brock Lesnar will in fact be IN ACTION tonight at Seasons Beatings.

I have told Brock Lesnar's representation that Brock Lesnar will have an opponent waiting for him in the ring when the show opens tonight. So consider this a bonus for Seasons Beatings Tonight.

Thank you all very much and I hope you all enjoy the show tonight, I promise you, it will be something Can't Miss!

Roleplays / FireFly FunHouse: Title Defense Day (Bray Wyatt)
« on: December 09, 2020, 12:56:49 PM »
(“Good Friendship Song” begins to play)

“We're really glad that you're our friend
And this is a friendship that will never ever end”

Good Day Everyone and welcome to another edition of the FireFly FunHouse!


Today kids, its a very special episode of the FireFly FunHouse, because today kids, its Title Defense Day!

(Party Noises)


(Party Noises)

The one night of the year, where we all get to come together and give each other presents.

Ramblin' Rabbit:I thought that was Christmas.

Those are different types of presents that you get on Christmas silly rabbit.

Huskus:What about Hanukkah, we get eight nights of presents.

Those are also different types of presents and by the looks of it, you already got in to the Hanukkah Gelt Stash already.

Huskus:They were (Burps) Delicious.

Oh Huskus!

What I meant by presents, I meant that this is the one night of the year we can all come together and deliver beatings with all kinds of neat-o toys.

(Pulls out a box)

Lets see what we have in here. Oh this one is fun, a Menorah, you can just wack someone right in the back of the head with one of these. Here are the candles for the Menorah. Remember kids, if you are going to play with candles, always have an adult present so they can light the candles for you. Kids should always have supervision when playing with fire, right Ramblin'.

Ramblin' Rabbit:Right Bray!

(Ramblin' Rabbit hides the lighter behind his back)

Lets see what we have in here, oh here is a string of lights, you can hang someone by the neck with some of these things.

There are just so many toys to play with in here, it may even put HIM in the holiday spirit.


It is the most festive time of the year afterall. We get to Deck The Halls with all the Tinsel and Ornaments and the blood of our bestest friends!

Just look at our fireplace. We have it deck to the nines with all of these great holiday decorations. It is just missing one thing.

Ramblin' Rabbit:Whats that?

It needs more BLOOD!

Ramblin' Rabbit:How do we get more blood?

We let HIM get it for us.

Chris, what blood type are you? That is, do you even know what your blood type is? Not like it really matters. HE will collect any type of blood you have in your body today, so we can DECK THE HALLS with your blood to make our Holidays even more Festive!


Don't worry Chris about your legacy or anything like that. It's not like you will even remember anything that happens tonight when you make a 45th comeback in another year.


All I know is that tonight, HE will walk out still the EWA WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!






(“Good Friendship Song” begins to play)

“We're really glad that you're our friend
And this is a friendship that will never ever end”

Roleplays / Firefly Funhouse: Breaking The Habit (Bray Wyatt)
« on: December 05, 2020, 01:23:27 PM »
(“Good Friendship Song” begins to play)

“We're really glad that you're our friend
And this is a friendship that will never ever end”

Ramblin' Rabbit: I see pain...
I see need...
I see liars and thieves...
Abused power with greed...
I had hope...
I believed...
But I'm beginning to think that I've been deceived...You will pay for what you've donnnnnnnnnneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Nooooooooooooooooooooooo! No more sorrow...I've paid for your mistakes...Your time is borrowed...
Your time has come to be replacccccccceeeeeeeeeeeeeedddddddddddddddddd!

Thieves and hypocrites!

Bray Wyatt:Rabbit!

Ramblin' Rabbit:Thieves and hypocrites!

Bray Wyatt:RABBIT!

Ramblin' Rabbit:Oh... Hi... Bray. I didn't see you there. I was just jamming out to the Greatest Linkin Park Songs ever!

Mercy The Buzzard:That isn't the Greatest Linkin Park Song Ever.

Ramblin' Rabbit:Yes it is.

Mercy The Buzzard:No it's not.

Ramblin' Rabbit:Yes It Is!

Mercy The Buzzard:No it's not.

Ramblin' Rabbit:Then what is?

Mercy The Buzzard:Listen to this.


I don't know what's worth fighting for...
Or why I have to scream....
I don't know why I instigate...
And say what I don't mean...
I don't know how I got this way...
I know it's not alright...
So I'm brrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeaking the haaaaaaaaaaabbbbbbbbbit...
I'm brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaking the haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabbbbbbbbbbit tonight!

Ramblin' Rabbit:My song was the greater song.

Mercy The Buzzard:Mine was.

Ramblin' Rabbit:No Mine.

Mercy The Buzzard:No Mine.

Ramblin' Rabbit:No Mine.

Mercy The Buzzard:Trust me. Mine was better.

Ramblin' Rabbit:Says who.

Mercy The Buzzard:THEY told me.

Ramblin' Rabbit:Who are they?

Mercy The Buzzard:You don't know who THEY are?

Ramblin' Rabbit:No.

Mercy The Buzzard:Just do your research, everyone knows who THEY are!

Bray Wyatt:Are you two silly rascals done yet?

Ramblin' Rabbit:Yes.

Mercy The Buzzard:Sorry Bray.

Bray Wyatt:While everyone may or may not know who THEY are. Everyone knows who HE is. And HE is getting ready to get back in to the ring at Seasons Beatings and it just so happens, that HE gets to fight the BIGGEST LINKIN PARK FAN EVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

(Party Noises)

But that's not who we are suppose to know you as right? You are a former Multi-Time World Champion. You are one the GREATEST of ALL TIME. That is who you are right Chris? That is the person we are suppose to know you as right?

If so, then why are you here. Why did you come back to this place that you left a long time ago.

Is it because you are looking for a Cure for the Itch?

That itch to once again be the best in this business.

Or are you realizing that what you have done your entire life was All for Nothing?

Or is it that you are having trouble Breaking The Habit?

We all know that addiction is a disease that is hard to break. Sometimes it leaves you Powerless. Sometimes bad habits leave you In Pieces, sitting in the Wastelands just Waiting for The End.

But at the end of the day, are you are just searching for Somewhere I Belong. Which is why you always come back right? As this is the one place where you don't feel Numb, right Chris.

This is the place that gives you a purpose. The one place that gave you the Keys to the Kingdom, for all of your biggest success. No other place gives you that. No other place gives you that feeling. Out in the real world, you are Forgotten. Just left Talking to Myself, realizing that maybe all of this was All for Nothing.

But here is the good thing Chris. HE will help you. HE will put an end to it all. Because HE gets rid of all the Lies, Greed & Misery. 

While all of this around me is fun and games. What HE does, isn't. HE will make you bleed, HE will make you suffer and HE will put an end to it all.

So Chris, don't worry. It will be all over soon enough.

HE will make sure of it.

All you have to do is... LET HIM IN!



(“Good Friendship Song” begins to play)

“We're really glad that you're our friend
And this is a friendship that will never ever end”

Roleplays / Acknowledgement - Charlotte
« on: November 16, 2020, 02:33:44 PM »
Kent:Good afternoon everyone out there in internet land here on Facebook Live. I am Kent Richardson and welcoming you to another edition of EWA Live. Today, we have a very exciting show for you as we have our first ever in studio guest since we have launched this show, everyone please welcome Charlotte Flair! Charlotte, welcome back to the show and welcome to the studios!

Charlotte:Thank you for having me.

Kent:What brings you to the Studios today?

Charlotte:I was ask to come by today and film some video stuff for the social channels and have a tour, since its my first time being up here.

Kent:What do you think?

Charlotte:You guys have a nice setup going.

Kent:Thanks. Now lets get to the hard hitting stuff.

Charlotte:Lets Go.

Kent:About three weeks ago was the last time we spoke and during that session, you issued your first challenge here in the EWA, where you wanted to face the last ever EWA Womens Champion.


Kent:About eleven days ago, EWA's Executive Director Paul Heyman made it official, that you will indeed face the last EWA Womens Champion at Seasons Beatings. However, Paul didn't actually announce the name of your opponent.


Kent:He said he was waiting for the person to step up and announce it themselves.


Kent:Why aren't either yourself or Paul Heyman saying the name of your opponent?

Charlotte:Lets talk about Mr. Heyman first. I asked Mr. Heyman to not announce who it is as a favor for me. Mr. Heyman wanted to make it clear who it was, but I was completely against it.


Charlotte:The simple answer to why is, because.

Kent:Because why?

Charlotte:I figured that's how you were going to reply to that statement. It is because I am enjoying myself Kent. I am enjoying playing a game of mystery, even though its very clear who it is. Everyone knows it. I just want to hear them acknowledge it and talk about it.

I am enjoying knowing I am controlling how they are forced to create their next piece of content and how they have to focus it about acknowledging the legacy of what they left before them. People like to take pride in creating their own direction and their own path.

It is what I am doing. I am creating my own path and direction and I know my end goal.

I also know that the person who has to answer my challenge likes to go in their own direction. They like to create their own content a certain way. For the longest time, no one has ever put this person in a position where they are the one calling them out. They usually just look at the card and go, that is who I am facing so I am going to center my content around this and boom, they are done.

I went out and I challenge them to this match. I called them out knowing that even though I have yet to once say their name, I have their attention. I am now the focus of what their existence. I am now the object that stands in their way.

Kent:Will you ever say their name?

Charlotte:Of course.


Charlotte:Once they say mine. It is a respect thing. Acknowledge me. I will acknowledge you. Simple as that.

Quite frankly, it is a humbling experience for them. For once they have to acknowledge someone other than themselves. Which at the end of the day, at Seasons Beatings, they will be HUMBLED by The QUEEN!

Kent:Thank you for joining me today.

Charlotte:My pleasure.

Kent:That will wrap things up here today for EWA Live. We hope to be back later in the week with another guest. Good Bye Everyone!

Kent:Hello Everyone and welcome to this week's edition of EWA Live here on Facebook Live. This week's guest is the Executive Director of the Extreme Wrestling Alliance, Paul Heyman. Paul, thank you for joining me this week.

Paul Heyman:My pleasure.

Kent:I wanted to talk to you about the next EWA Event, that will be taking place on Wednesday, December 9th live on Pay Per View. Can you give us some updates on how the show is coming together.

Paul Heyman:The last time I spoke to the audience at home, I mentioned that I was still looking at how the roster was shaping up and I was still looking for a contender to challenge for the EWA World Heavyweight Championship at Seasons Beatings. I made the decision to allow our champion, Mr. Wyatt to have the chance to look at the roster and choose exactly who HE would like to face.

Kent:Why did you allow him to choose his opponent?

Paul Heyman:I was about to address that before you interrupted me.

Kent:I'm sorry.

Paul Heyman:I allowed Mr. Wyatt to choose the opponent for Seasons Beatings because I trusted him to choose someone he would feel invested in fighting. It is not something I will do often, but for the first title defense, a motivated champion is always a fighting champion, which is good for the business that I am in and thats promoting events, which is what this is all about.

Kent:Will you now confirm that the match up is taking place?

Paul Heyman:Here is what I can tell you. The contract has been written up. The match up for the Main Event of Seasons Beatings, which will be taking place inside the Deck the Hall Steel Cage, there is your first bit of news for the afternoon, I told you that we will be doing some traditional elements and there you have one of them. Now as I was saying, the contract reads that The Fiend Bray Wyatt will defend the EWA World Heavyweight Championship against Ace. I faxed a copy to Mr. Wyatt and I was able to obtain his signature on the contract, it looked like it had some blood stains on it based on the way it came back to me via Fax, but the contract has infact been signed. A copy of the contract was faxed over to Ace and it will be up to him if he chooses to sign the contract and compete for the EWA World Heavyweight Championship at Seasons Beatings.

The confirmation for this match up is this. Yes we will be marketing the match up for Seasons Beatings when we show off the card at the end of this show, it will read that the match up is taking place. However, like always, the card will be Subject to Change. If Ace decides that he doesn't want to step up and fight The Fiend, which is his right, he is not contracted to fight The Fiend until he signs the contract, then we will find a replacement, which would be night of show.

Kent:About a week or so ago, I had the chance to speak with Charlotte Flair on this platform.

Paul Heyman:I Saw. She is a very nice young lady.

Kent:Yes she is. She had mentioned that she talked to you about competing at Seasons Beatings.

Paul Heyman:That she did.

Kent:She mentioned that she would like to face the last EWA Womens Champion in this company.

Paul Heyman:Yes she did.

Kent:Where do we stand?

Paul Heyman:I am not standing, I am currently sitting. Oh you mean in regards to the match up. I like surprises, don't you?

Kent:Not really.

Paul Heyman:Well, I do. There are those who will go and look up the name of the last Womens Champion in EWA History and there will be some who won't. I will say I have approved on this match up and on the card that will be appearing on the screen in a little while when this show fades to black, it will not list the name of the person, but the match up will be taking place on the show and everyone will have to wait to hear from that person if they choose to reveal themselves, which I believe they will in sometime from now.

Kent:You mentioned that the EWA will be bringing back a championship at Seasons Beatings. You told Charlotte, it will not be the EWA Womens Championship.

Paul Heyman:No it will not. It may be brought back at some point, but not right now.

Kent:Are you ready to announce which championship it will be and who will be competing for it.

Paul Heyman:I made a mistake.

Kent:What was the mistake?

Paul Heyman:I spoke to our fans and told them that the match up for the unnamed championship would be a ladder match and that was a mistake.

Kent:How was it a mistake?

Paul Heyman:Quite frankly, I just changed my mind. The unnamed championship will no longer be a ladder match. My thought process is that instead of having the championship hang above the ring, I would rather watch the superstars have to try and pin their opponent or make them submit in the middle of the ring. I got too excited about the idea of a ladder match, because I didn't know exactly what I wanted to see happen at that time and saying a ladder match sounded cool to me at that time. I apologize to our fans for not delivering a ladder match on this show.

Kent:Who will be competing for this unnamed championship?

Paul Heyman:I have decided that at Seasons Beatings it will be Garak or as he calls himself, Garak The Great taking on one of the members of the Dark Order that I am personally a fan of and have been for the longest time, Brodie Lee.

Kent:Thats a match up I think people will be excited to see.

Paul Heyman:I agree. You have a historian of this sport against one of the toughest men in the business today, it should be a hell of a match up.

Kent:Which championship though Paul?

Paul Heyman:Can we not just keep it a surprise? Oh thats right, you don't like surprises. Let me eliminate some choices for you first before we get to which championship, if that is alright with you.

Kent:Thats fine.

Paul Heyman:First things first, I know there are a lot of people out there who LOVE the EWA Total Impact Championship and what it represented in this company. It was a championship that had its own set of rules and it made for some interesting match ups. I think at this time, we need to keep the legacy of that championship as it is and not bring it back and tarnish the legacy that championship had. I know there will be a few people upset about that, but thats just the way it is.

Another championship I would like to eliminate from discussion is the FTW Championship. Again, when we talk about Legacy, the FTW Championship is one of the more controversial championships that this company has ever had and I believe that the FTW Championship needs to stay retired as well.

Then people would then probably say, what about the Television Championship. I love a great Television Championship. Having a championship defended on television every single week is what makes for great wrestling. One problem. We aren't running weekly television shows. We aren't running Tuesday Night Carnage or Thursday Night Chaos. There is no Friday Night Frenzy or Saturday Night Torture. It is just not how this company is structured these days, so having a Television Championship makes no sense.

Which means we have eliminated some championships from the list. I have come to conclusion that it could only be one of two championships and they both are tied together. I was doing my research and long before there was a TNA Wrestling, there was the Extreme Wrestling Alliance and for those who don't know, this company created the X Championship. You can look it up, this company had the X Championship before it became the popular X Division in TNA Wrestling. The EWA X Championship was unified with the EWA Total Impact Championship at one point to become the Ultimate Xtreme Championship.

I have been trying to decide, do I bring back the championship it was unified as or do we rebuild the legacy of the X Championship. The conclusion I have come to is that while the Ultimate Xtreme Championship has a nice ring to it. I want to see what our performers can do with the EWA X Championship. Which is why I am officially bringing the EWA X Championship out of retirement starting at Seasons Beatings.


Paul Heyman:So Garak and Brodie Lee, best of luck to you. Now Kent, I have meetings to get to, so lets end the conversation here and lets announce the first three matches for Seasons Beatings and get on our way.

Kent:Thank you Paul for joining me today. Thanks everyone for watching and as we sign off today, here is as Mr. Heyman said, the first three matches announced for Seasons Beatings!
DECEMBER 9th, 2020

EWA World Heavyweight Championship Deck The Halls Match
The Fiend Bray Wyatt vs Chris “Ace” Loesch

EWA X Championship Match
Garak The Great vs Brodie Lee

Charlotte Flair vs The Last EWA Womens Champion


Appearances by Degeneration X


Roleplays / Firefly Funhouse Halloween Party -Bray Wyatt
« on: October 31, 2020, 06:42:38 PM »
(“Good Friendship Song” begins to play)

“We're really glad that you're our friend
And this is a friendship that will never ever end”

Hey all of you little Hellraisers out there! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

(Scary Party Noises)

Welcome to the First Ever Firefly Funhouse HALLOWEEN PARRRTTTTTTYYYYYYY!

(Scary Party Noises)

Look at all of this food we have. We have plenty of games for people to play, including my favorite, bobbing for Rabbit Parts (Winks in to Camera). We also have all of this candy for all of our friends to enjoy!

Ramblin' Rabbit:Where is everyone?

Mercy The Buzzard:No one is coming.

Ramblin' Rabbit:But why?

Mercy The Buzzard:They don't like us.

Ramblin' Rabbit:How can nobody like us. We are warm and friendly. Just look at this place. It is the happiest place on earth.

Mercy The Buzzard: We see that. They don't see that.

Ramblin' Rabbit:How can we show them?

You can't show them Ramblin'.

Ramblin' Rabbit:How come?

They just have to be willing to accept us for who we are. We sent out all of the invitations. It is all we really could do. If no one wanted to come celebrate the best night of the year with all of us... Then I guess we will just have to celebrate all by ourselves and just enjoy all of this candy and food.




Did you just eat all of the candy?



Huskus (Disappointing Look)

Huskus:Fine, I ate all the candy.

What did we say about saving some for all of our guests?

Huskus:I know. I should have saved them some. Im sorry.

It's okay Huskus. We all know you have a sweet tooth.

(Ticking Clock)

Ramblin' Rabbit:Whats that noise?

Yowie Wowie! I almost forgot!

(Sits down at the computer and begins to type)

Ramblin' Rabbit:What are you doing?

I have to send this letter!

Ramblin' Rabbit:To who?

EWA's Executive Director, Paul Heyman. He needs to know who HE will be facing at Seasons Beatings and if I don't get this letter in on time, then HE won't get to fight who HE wants to fight.

(Ticking Clock)

Mercy The Buzzard:The clock is about to buzz.

Ramblin' Rabbit:Who is it?

I can't tell you yet.

Ramblin' Rabbit:Why not.

I have to tell him first.

Mercy The Buzzard:Time is almost up.

I am pounding away at this stupid contraption as fast as I can. Don't you hear me typing!

Ramblin' Rabbit:Have you hit send yet?


Ramblin' Rabbit:Have you hit send yet?


Ramblin' Rabbit:Have you hit send yet?


Mercy The Buzzard:Its about to be deadline.


(Buzzer goes off)

Whew! Just in time. I hope he is happy with that decision.

Ramblin' Rabbit:Who is it?

Do you really want to know?

Ramblin' Rabbit:Yes!

I mean do you REALLY want to know?

Ramblin' Rabbit:Yes!

Then fine, I will tell you, since you REALLY want to know. As a matter of fact, instead of telling you, let me show you. We did setup this fancy table for playing games, we might as well use it right?


Back when I was a young innocent child, we used to play card games. One of them was called, 52 Pick up.

Ramblin' Rabbit:Whats that?

Don't worry about that game, I am not worry about picking up 52 cards. I only want to pick up one.

Ramblin' Rabbit:Which one?

This One!

This is who HE wants to face. Hopefully HE accepts the challenge and comes to play with us. All he has to do is... LET ME IN!





(“Good Friendship Song” begins to play)

“We're really glad that you're our friend
And this is a friendship that will never ever end”

Roleplays / A Legacy Challenge - Charlotte
« on: October 27, 2020, 03:49:32 PM »
Kent:Good Afternoon everyone and welcome to EWA Live here on Facebook Live. This is the place where I get to spend sometime talking to some of the stars of the Extreme Wrestling Alliance. My guest this week is one of the newest superstars to officially sign with the EWA, Charlotte Flair. Let me be one of the first to officially welcome you the EWA.

Charlotte:Thank You. I am glad to be here.

Kent:Let me ask you first off, what made you decide to sign with the EWA.

Charlotte:Very simple. Competition. Thats what I am looking for. I am looking to push myself to be the very best that this industry has ever seen and for years I heard all of the stories about the Extreme Wrestling Alliance and how for the longest time it was home to some of the greatest competitors that this industry has ever seen.

People would talk about the quality of matches that would take place here and I thought to myself, one day, if this company was still around, I would love to dip my toes in to that water and see what this place has to offer.

Traditionally, I know that this company has never been too friendly to the women, but this entire industry never was, so I don't blame this company for never being too women friendly, but I do know that this company had some names that people knew. I knew Alexis Laree worked here. I know that Megumi Kudo worked here. Two tough as nails women who left their blood and sweat in an EWA ring. If they can do it, I can do it.

Kent:You seem to know a lot of history about this company.

Charlotte:You don't just sign randomly with a place without knowing its history. I did my homework. Like I said, I knew of this place long before I entered this business. Remember who I am, this is my business. I was born in to it.

Kent:Valid point. What do you wish to accomplish here in the EWA?

Charlotte:Easy answer. I want to be the EWA World Heavyweight Champion. However, that is not something I am looking to do right out of the gate.

Kent:How come?

Charlotte:Because I am not dumb.

Kent:What do you mean?

Charlotte:We all know who the current EWA World Heavyweight Champion is. Its The Fiend Bray Wyatt. The Fiend is one of the most dangerous and sadistic individuals in this business today and that has ever been in this business. I know when to make a smart decision and when not to make a bad decision. Anyone who decides to face The Fiend is making a bad decision. Which is why, one day I will be World Champion, but right now is not the time.

You mentioned I know the history of this company, I also know history of this business. As afterall, I am the daughter of the Nature Boy Ric Flair. I have seen my father compete against some of the scariest men this business has ever seen. I have heard my father tell stories of what it was like back in World Championship Wrestling and battling the Dungeon of Doom. You remember them right?


Charlotte:Everyone remembers the Taskmaster Kevin Sullivan. One of the most dangerous men in the history of wrestling. I know what my father went thru during those periods. I am not going to put myself in those situations if I don't have to. They say learn from the mistakes of your elders, which is why I choose not to focus on fighting someone like The Fiend, I put my focus elsewhere.

Kent:Where is you focus then, say come Seasons Beatings?

Charlotte:I have thought long and hard about who I wanted to face in my first official one on one match here in the EWA. I have had a couple of conversations with Paul Heyman, which went pretty well I would say. I laid out to him what I would like and he says that if they accept, then he would make the match official.

Kent:Who do you want to face?



Charlotte:Yes. History.

Kent:Care to explain?

Charlotte:Thats what I am getting to. Nine Years ago, was the last time this company had a championship called the EWA Womens Championship. Long before evolutions and revolutions, there was the EWA Womens Championship. You look at the list of names that held that championship, legit fighters, legit athletes. Women who attempt to set the standard for their division.

However, there is one thing that bothers me when I look at this list.

Kent:Whats that?

Charlotte:The last champion. The name that will go down as the last Womens Champion in the history of this company. It shouldn't end like that. It shouldn't be like that.

Kent:So the EWA Womens Championship is what you want?

Charlotte:In time, I would like to see that championship restored and while there is a championship returning at Seasons Beatings, Paul Heyman told me it is not the EWA Womens Championship. Maybe one day. That won't stop me though from issuing the challenge to the last champion.

I know that their ears just perked up. My challenge for Seasons Beatings is to go One on One with the Last EWA Womens Champion.

That question that remains, will that person be willing to step in to the ring with me?

Kent:I guess we will have to wait and see?

Charlotte:I will be waiting. They know who they are. The queen awaits your answer.

Kent:Thanks for your time Charlotte.

Charlotte:My pleasure.

Kent:Thank you everyone for joining us here on EWA Live where Charlotte Flair just issued a challenge to the last EWA Womens Champion for a match at Seasons Beatings. Wait, you never said who she was?

Charlotte:Sorry Kent, I have to go.

Kent:Until next time, this has been Kent Richardson here on EWA Live on Facebook Live!

Roleplays / Special Delivery
« on: October 23, 2020, 02:04:54 PM »
(“Good Friendship Song” begins to play)

“We're really glad that you're our friend
And this is a friendship that will never ever end”

Hi Everyone! Welcome back to the Firefly FunHouse!


Today is a very big day around the Funhouse. We are going to be getting a visit from one of our most favorite people today.

(Funhouse Cheers)

As today we are going to be joined by Postman Pearce!


The other day I got a SMS Text Message from EWA Executive Director Paul Heyman and it said that we should be receiving a letter in the mail today with a very important message for all of us.

Mercy The Buzzard:Including me?


Rambin' Rabbit:Including me?


Huskus:Even (burps) Me?

Yes, even you Huskus. It is a very important message for ALL of us. We just have to wait for Postman Pearce to arrive.

Rambin' Rabbit:Is he here yet?


Rambin' Rabbit:Is he here yet?


Mercy The Buzzard:Is he here yet?


Rambin' Rabbit:Is he here yet?


Huskus:Is he here yet?

NO! Thats enough. You are going to drive me insane! Wait, maybe I already am? (Laughs) According to the google tracking device that we had implanted in to Postman Pearce, he should be here any moment now.

(Knock on door)

Oh Boy, I wonder who it could be!?! Who is there?

Postman Pearce:Its Postman Pearce with a delivery for you.

Come on in.

(Postman Pearce walks in the door)
Look Everyone, its Postman Pearce!


What do you have for me today Postman Pearce?

Postman Pearce:I have this letter for you from the Corporate Offices of the Extreme Wrestling Alliance.

Yowie Wowie! I Can't wait to open it up and read it! Thanks Postman Pearce.

Postman Pearce:You're welcome. Can I go now?

Of course. No one is holding a gun to your head keeping you here.

(Rambin' Rabbit puts a gun away)

Everyone say Bye to Postman Pearce!

Ramblin' Rabbit:Bye!



(Postman Pearce leaves)

Don't worry kids, Postman Pearce will be safe to go about his business, we will always keep an eye on him. Now, lets see what this letter has to say.

(Opens up letter)

(Reads in Paul Heyman Voice) Dear Mr. Wyatt... Thats Me! As Executive Director of the Extreme Wrestling Alliance, I am writing you today to inform you that on December 9th, 2020, you will be officially defending your EWA World Heavyweight Championship on that night. I am also informing you that I am going to allow you to choose who you will be defending the championship against on that night.

Yowie Wowie Guys! We get to decide who HE defends the championship against. There are so many great options to choose from. We have made quite a few friends lately. There is Lone Jobber, who we could always fight. There is Subway. There is Big Daddy Ac...

(Screen goes static followed by a loud bang)

Sorry about that, seems there was a glitch in our feed. Its all fixed now. There is Garak The Great! So many to choose from that I can't really just narrow it down to who I would want HIM to fight.

Rambin' Rabbit:Hey Bray!

Yes Rambin'.

Rambin' Rabbit:You missed something in the letter.

Oh I did?

Rambin' Rabbit:Read right here.

Let me get out my glasses.

(Puts on giant glasses)

Lets see here. There is something at the very bottom of this letter that says, that I have until 10-31-2020 at 11:59pm Eastern Time to make my decision, if not, Mr. Heyman will make the decision himself. I wonder why he decide to choose that specific date.

Rambin' Rabbit:Thats Halloween!

That is Halloween. Its the night where all the little kids get to dress up in costumes to go around and trick or treat... Safely of course.

Huskus:We should throw a party!

Rambin' Rabbit:Yes, a party!

You guys are just a couple of Hell Raisers...

Huskus:We should invite everyone over and they can all bring us some candy (burps).

You know what guys, I like that idea. Lets throw ourselves a big announcement party on Halloween. We can invite everyone over and announce who HE will fight at Seasons Beatings.

Rambin' Rabbit:Yay a Party!


On behalf of everyone here at the Firefly Funhouse, I would like to invite all of you little Hellraisers... To the first ever Firefly Funhouse Halloween Party!

(Party Noises)

There is nothing to fear, all you have to do is... LET ME IN!




(“Good Friendship Song” begins to play)

“We're really glad that you're our friend
And this is a friendship that will never ever end”

Roleplays / The Champ Is Here
« on: October 14, 2020, 10:37:36 AM »
(“Good Friendship Song” begins to play)

“We're really glad that you're our friend
And this is a friendship that will never ever end”

Hola Fireflies! Welcome back to the Firefly Funhouse!

(Cheers & Laughter)

For all of the new FireFlies turning out there in internet land... Let me reintroduce myself. My Name is Bray Wyatt and this is the Firefly Funhouse!


The place where me and my friends gather just have a great time! (Laughter)

For those who don't know I have been called many things in the past. A Genius, a Cult Leader, a psycho... Some have even said I am a Sexy Boy.

(Dances like Shawn Michaels)

Rambin' Rabbit:I'm just a Sexy Boy... SEXXXYYYYYYYY BOY. I'm not your Boy Toy!

Mercy The Buzzard:Boooooyyyyy Toyyyyyy!

Rambin' Rabbit:I'm just a Sexy Boy...

Huskus:Seeeeeeexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxyyyyyyyy boyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

But thanks to... HIM... You can call me... CHAMPION!


Or as an old friend of ours used to say... THE CHAMP... IS... HERE!


Back at Glory Fireflies, we made a bunch of new friends, including the creature that lives under your bed, The Sandman. We met a guy who likes the taste of his own blood in Subway. And we even met THE Lone Jobber.

Rambin' Rabbit:LONE JOBBER!

It is a shame we never got to officially meet Jungle Jack Perry, but maybe one day fireflies. From what ive seen, that kid has great hair. Now you see my fireflies, while its great to meet all of these new friends, all of them are after one thing and thats our new toy, the EWA World Heavyweight Championship. They want to steal it from us.


We all know that sharing our toys with one another is great, but that only applies to sledgehammers, steel chairs and even our Playstations... But our World Championship, that is our toy and our toy only. If you try and steal it from us... HE will have a problem with it.

(Deep Stare)

You do not want him to have a problem with it now do you?


Thats what I thought. So as your friend, consider this a... warning as it were. If you come for this, HE will come for YOU!

While we here it the funhouse like to share, he doesn't. Which is why if a certain Jobber wants to come win another one of these (slaps belt) at Seasons Beatings, then you may have to deal with HIM to get it.

Anyway Fireflies, we must go now, until next time we see you, just remember you are always safe here in the Firefly Funhouse, just follow the light and LET ME IN!




(“Good Friendship Song” begins to play)

“We're really glad that you're our friend
And this is a friendship that will never ever end”

Event Details / Event Announcement #1: Seasons Beatings 2020
« on: October 11, 2020, 05:34:33 PM »
Ladies and Gentlemen... My Name is Paul Heyman. For those who do not know, I am the Executive Director of the reborn Extreme Wrestling Alliance. For those who watched Glory 2020, I hope you were pleased with what you saw. If you were a participant... Well I feel sorry for you having to deal with The Fiend Bray Wyatt as your World Heavyweight Champion. Congrats Bray, as the kids say, “You Deserve It”.

(Paul Heyman Claps)

That being said, it is time to look ahead at what is to come down the pike. Our next scheduled Pay Per View Event will be Seasons Beatings, taking place on Wednesday, December 9th, live on Pay Per View and streaming on When it comes to Seasons Beatings, we are going to make sure all of our bases are covered. There are those who love the tradition of the Halloween Hellraiser shows, which usually feature some wacky Halloween Gimmick Matches, like Smashing Caskets and Trick or Treat Matches. While we aren't having a Halloween Hellraiser this year, maybe we can spice things up with Seasons Beatings and put a spin on those matches and make them, how they say, more festive than normal.

(Evil Laugh)

Now while I can not announce much about the show, especially with the roster currently coming together. I can announce that the Main Event will be for the EWA World Heavyweight Championship, as you will have The Fiend Bray Wyatt defending the championship. His opponent, well, we will just have to wait and see on that one, as I am still working out who should be the right challenger for the championship.

The other thing that I can announce is that we will be bringing back another championship to the company. I have been going through the history books, I have been reading all of the data on and on eWaWiki.Com and I have been figuring out which championship works best. There are a few championships that I would like to see once again being active, for the time period I am going to be choosing one.

Which one?

Well, like everything, there is a time and a place for that. I can tell you this though. Whatever championship is returning, the championship will be on the line in a LADDER MATCH!

Until next time. I am Paul Heyman and welcome back to the Extreme Wrestling Alliance.

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