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Roleplays / I Mean You Had To Know --- Jobber
« Last post by Lone Jobber on October 01, 2020, 02:59:12 AM »
Well, well, well, would you look at that.  I know, I get it, you all thought things would change, that life would be different, and yet here I am standing before you.  Does it feel... right?  It does doesn't it?  Honestly with it only being moments before this thing kicks off again, now it's starting to feel real once again.  For me, for the Lone Jobber, I've been sitting back thinking "this ain't real, this can't be, just a dream I've found myself in during this real life nightmare" and yet, as I sit back here grabbing my wrist tape, as I hear the rumble of the people vibrate through the walls, as I catch the eyes of all the men and women I've known for years, and now, now there is a camera stuck in front of my face telling me I've only got moments until Glory 2020... as a man once used to say, now it's real, damn real.

What exactly do I have planned to do tonight?  React.  Honestly at this point it's all I really can do isn't it?  Paulie's been holding his cards awfully close to his chest, and you have to know that the Jobber reached out, I tried to use my contacts, and yet nothing.  So I sit back here just taking it all in.  Who knows what is in store for us all, but the one thing I want each and every one of you to know, is that the Jobber will always be here for you.  No matter how much things will change.... no matter how messy life gets... it's my j- my honor to captivate you.  To make you stand in awe.  To make you question your own sanity cause clearly I lost mine decades ago.

Tonight, September 30th, it's Glory 2020. and you know what, you want to know the real truth... now it feels like Glory.  Does that make me egotistical?  Me?  Oh no no no, never me having an ego.  That's silly talk.  Heh, as I've been sitting here before you I've noticed them, the others walking through, everyone running around making sure they were ready, their attitudes have began to change.  They've been poking their heads in and seeing.... this.  Hi guys.  We've got a show to put on.  But I've noticed that the atmosphere has began to change.  There are smiles, sighs of relief.  You're welcome Paulie, me merely rattling off like this, has put the staff back into their old state of mind, they're back to it.  And the crowd, I can hear them more, I can feel the rumble that much more clearly.  They are waking up.  The idea that we're all in this crazy shared dream is slipping away and going, yes, yes this IS Glory.  We ARE at an EWA event.   We are back baby.  And to all of you who think you're just going to swagger into the big time, Paul said he's got six different obstacles for all of us to overcoming.... for each of you, there is a seventh... and it's name... is thee Lone Jobber.... Jobber. 

How much time I got left, only just enough, alright so lets get this done right... Extreme Wrestling Alliance.... Glory... whomever steps up understand that YOU... will Job.... to the Jobber.
Roleplays / Born for Greatness
« Last post by Sir Rockin on September 30, 2020, 02:43:50 PM »
A lot of people talk a big game.

A lot of people talk about being the best.

A lot of people talk about their legacy.

A lot of people talk about being the greatest of all time.

There is however no one in this entire industry that backs up the talk better than me. There is no one in this industry that has gone through what I have gone through. No one has dealt with the pressure that I have had to deal with my entire life.

I was born to be apart of this business. More importantly, I was BORN to DOMINATE this business.

No matter where I have been. No matter who I have been in the ring with. No matter the challenge. I have faced them all head on and I have conquered them all. Whether they have been young upstarts, veterans of the business or legends trying to see if they could hang with me. Every single one of them have been conquered.

You name them. I have beaten them. Its all there. You just go through the record books and you will see how dominant I have been.

Which is why I have found myself here. A new challenge.

A new home for my legacy to grow.

A new home to dominate.

A new home to conquer.

It starts when I step through the curtain tonight and I walk that aisle.

I will prove that in this world, there are people who choose to do this and those who were BORN to do this.

I am the one who was born to do this.

I am the one who will be the next World Heavyweight Champion.

Doubt me? Thats fine.

I have dealt with all the doubters in the world before and tonight will be no different.

Tonight, I will prove that I am the Greatest of All Time.

Past. Present. Future.

There is no one better. Than Charlotte Flair!


The Chatter Box / About Garak
« Last post by Lone Jobber on September 30, 2020, 08:53:22 AM »

For this wondering, Garak (the Great as he calls himself) is a newer character.  Really hoping (though not caring too much) that it doesn't bother anyone that I basically used the story from "EWA Post-EWA" I was writing before.  I always kept writing more and more story for when the fed died, and it got to the point where I needed someone new, and Garak was one such guy.  You can read the story bits over at .

The original story was written a couple years back (I wanted a multi-year long story) however coming back to it later I also felt the company needed a character like Garak.  So I made him and started the retcon the EWA Post-EWA series to include him.   :P

So who is he?  Well as he said, he's a guy who grew up watching the EWA.  He's a more modern Psyko Boy/Lone Jobber.  Where as PYB and LJ grew up watching and idolizing Shawn Michaels, NWO, DX and such, Garak was watching us.  He was there at the arena for MayHem 2008 taking it all in.  He is the result of all of us.  He wanted to stylize himself after his heroes, PYB/LJ, but much like them quickly soured on his old idols.  I realize following the "EWA Post-EWA" story does use your characters, but honestly I was like "fuck it, it's a story I've been working on forever when everyone stopped caring, he's a fun character".  There is a the skeleton of the story I'd like to continue, just help write around it.

So lets see here.  He's a heel.  About 6 foot tall, 215.  He's not too much unlike your mental image of a vanilla indie midget.  He's very much that.  At this point he's 27 years old (having started at Glory 18 at 25, which is really not that young for this company, seriously, we all sucked at properly aging our characters - I mean how many characters started out around 21-22 and were the biggest thing ever?).  Light brown hair, shoulder length.  Boots, tights, elbow pads, blah blah blah.  Moveset is your average indie/AEW/NXT guy sort of thing just with an EWA twist.  Because he was an EWA geek he's a bit of a historian so he's had a lifetime studying each one of our characters.  Hell, one idea is that he might have been in an eFed much like real life we were where he might have been one of us. 

Honestly one of the reasons I really wanted a character like him is to help make the company fleshed out.  It needed to have an impact on the world around it otherwise it only exists in this weird bubble zone where we pull names from real life companies, the indies, and our various created characters, but none of them previously gave a damn about the EWA.  Stewie, Ace, Vertigo, Omega, Jeremy Johnson, the Bennits, Subway, Dante, Phantom (blah blah blah you get the idea) none of them really knew about the company before, they knew WCW/WWE/ECW/ROH/TNA/NWA, and in that way we stayed way too small for how we presented ourselves.  When someone new came in they should know about the great rivalries and super events.  He helped fix that stumbling block in my mind when i was writing the story.  No longer was I just limited to the guys we used to have (can't keep going back to the well), no longer was I limited to guys I see on TV (again, they're newer for the company but not real fresh blood for a universe) nor the minor enhancement talent I've made on video games over the years (better, but they were really just enhancement talent or fun characters I liked personally and none really would transition well over).  He was just fun guy, plus a ready made story (and yes the parallels to the PYB coming of age/midsummer nightmare are totally intended) which makes the company feel more. 

And for what it's worth, yeah that's his theme I ended the promo with.  "For the Glory" by All Good Things.  I had it playing on Pandora in the background and the moment it said "it's a blowout" I'd already gone "yup, I don't care what this is, it's Garaks".  The Glory part I didn't know until I tabbed over to it. 

I mean since I doubt it'll go beyond us at this point (that'd be cool if it did, but.. you know) we should have people like Velveteen Dream (1995) Jungle Boy (1997) Tegan Nox (1994) Adam Page (1991) Peyton Royce (1992) MJF (1996) think of wrestling as including the EWA instead of reality.  Our multi-decades long history should have an impact on the up and coming crop much like real companies had on our characters.

Since I guess I should, Finisher is the Greatest Tiger Driver (kneeling tiger driver 98) with signature move being That Overused Kick (superkick, I mean Rock is there a better name?). 

If you have questions, just ask. 

Roleplays / Oh Look the Has Beens Are Coming Back - Garak the Great
« Last post by Lone Jobber on September 30, 2020, 08:05:41 AM »

You hear that?  The silence, after months and months, is finally being broken.  “The Extreme Wrestling Alliance” they say, “is coming back.  I wonder just how many of my favorites are returning.”  We've all hear the rumblings.  For weeks I've sat bad just hearing punks trying to name drop the old guard.  I've heard so many things, so many from era's long ago but the one name they feared to think... was Garak the Great.  So many people thought I'd be a one pump chump like so many of their heroes actually were.  You all hoped that if this company ever returned to the airwaves it'd be sans The Greatness? Fuck no.

But, oh no, there are those out there looking at their screens going “who the fuck is that kid”?  So it seems, once again, I must... I have to reintroduce myself to each one of you returning “stars” because I know that none of you give a damn about this company in reality. As each one of you walk back into the locker-room you'll give your old broken ass friends the nod.  You'll separate back off into those old cliques you've been having for decades.  The only EWA you know or even give a damn about is the time you used to be up on the marquee. 

News flash for each and everyone of you losers returning, this company continues on even when you've peaced out.  You might have dropped your flag and fucked off back in 2017, but some of us give a damn.  And me.. I'm one such man.  The man who makes this extreme world rock.  The name is Garak.  The game is winning.  And the fame... is all mine.

I'm the man who two years ago first came to this company, wide eyed and amazed I'd finally made it.  You were all my heroes, and you know what they say about meeting them... I grew up glued to my tv watching all your stories unfold, I had my EWA wrestle pals beating up all my little teddy bears, I played the yearly games -even the ones that were little more than roster updates-, and spent so much time imagining what life would be like if I just had one chance, one opportunity to just show you what I could do.  Because I grew up with you my entire life.

And then the day came, the day that I finally got my wish to meet each of you... and on that day... the me that thought so highly of my heroes.... died.  I realized quickly how full of shit each and everyone of you are.  What a coming of age story it really is.  See I was really hoping I'd be the man who'd get a chance to just hang out with the boys I always wrote about online, instead it became my task with burning away the festering rot lingering around this company that you all have become.

A year and a half ago, I watched as one egotistical fuck put his foot on this chest, and slammed me down through the Extreme Bowl tower.  I laid there, writhing in pain as all those heroes from my youth battled above me, and then one idiot jumped the fuck off the cage to grab the title.  Thankfully for me, that moron damn near offed himself leading for me to do what I do best.

Destroy you old ass bitches.  And I did a very good job at it.  I'm the man who everyone wrote off, and I used that to my advantage.  I looked at all your returning assholes and said then as I say now, “no – fuck you”.  This wasn't then, and isn't now just some good old feel good movement, get all the boys back together and lets have some fun.  No, fuck you all for thinking that.  I'm the man who went through you “legends” and put you all in your places.  I'm the man who gave Big Daddy Ace his 7th and most recent retirement package, my knee into his face.  I'm the man who sent PYB back to Japan empty handed at Blowout.  I'm the man who showed that bitch Lone Jobber who the real World Champion was exactly one year ago.  I'm the man who....

I'm the man who is saving this company.  So when I heard that all you out there were getting restless, that all of you were starting to feel that itch for super stardom once ago, nah bitch.  See I'm doing the thing no one else here wants to, cleansing it of all it's filth.  This isn't a happy go lucky retirement home for you lot to come back to whenever you start getting bored signing autographs at Starrcast. 

So welcome back you broken ass has been part timers looking for a hand out.  I get it, you all wish to live in the past, thinking nothing but about those Glory Day's where you were the hot shot big dick hero.  But this isn't fucking 1999.  This isn't your yard anymore.  And if I've got to do yet another round of spring cleaning and break a few more of you pieces of shit, then so fucking be it. I was sick of you then, I'm sick of you now.  So come on, welcome to EWA 2020, welcome to the New Era of Extreme. I dare you to the step into the ring... with Greatness. 

Roleplays / Did Someone Say "Glory"? ~ Lone Jobber
« Last post by Lone Jobber on September 30, 2020, 07:23:23 AM »
~Behind The Scenes~
It's dawn as Lone Jobber stands there on rocky shoreline just gazing at a river.  The sound of cars, opening and closing doors, snaps him out of it and he turns as none other than Ned Tesseract and Jay Jixhel make their way over to him.  He gets up and, after dusting himself off, goes off to meet them.  They fist bump.

Jobber:  Been a while guys.

Ned:  Just a bit.  How've ya'll been?

Jay:  (sighs) Bored?  Eh, life's fine I guess.  You guys?

Ned:  Fine now.  We had a bit of a scare with The Major a little bit back, but it's all good.  Everyone healthy.  You Jobs?

Jobber:  Yeah we've been good.  Mostly staying inside doing all that remote stuff, but yeah been we've good. Just been looking forward to working again.

Ned:  So what are you thinking here, how you want to stage the promo?

Jobber:  At one point I was thinking “guess what's back, back again, the Alliance is back, let us begin”.

Ned:  You ain't the real Slim Shady dawg.

Jobber:  I know, but damn, it's been a minute or two now hasn't it?

Jay:  you're going to just end up riffing aren't you?

Ned:  Uhg, I'm not sure my battery is that full...

Jobber:  You didn't charge your bat....

Ned:  No, they're at 100% but sometimes you tend to ramble.

Jobber:  Heh, sometimes.   

Jay:  More than sometimes.

Jobber:  Alright, okay, lets see here... Q&A?

Jay:  You wanna take it Ned?

Ned:  Yeah sure, let me just straighten my shit out, got to look like a pro.

Jobber:  I'll stand off screen, you intro me, and we go from there, good?

Jay:  Alright guys... stand over there just a bit, Sun's messing with framing ... ah... yeah perfect.  Alright, lets just wait until we connect.... lordy this tech gets s.... okay guys... in three... two...

Ned Tesseract stands there alone with the Sun low on the horizon.

Ned:  Ladies and Gentlemen, Extreme Wrestling Alliance faithful, my name is Ned Tesseract, and allow me to introduce you to the one and only.... Lone.... Jobber!

He swaggers onto the screen.

LJ:  Jobber!  Thank you for that Ned.   

Ned:  Of course.  Lone Jobber, you know what time it is...

Jobber:  Late September, my time, my time of year to really shine.

Ned:  Well I guess we should first start at the beginning...

LJ:  A good place to start.

Ned:  After a “few” months of being away, the company is ready to come back, and I'm sure you've heard what Paul Heyman, Executive Director  of the Extreme Wrestling Alliance, has had to say.

LJ:  Of course I have.  I won't lie, when his voice still rang within my ears I peaked up.  He started talking my language, and honestly I felt like it was something I could truly get behind.  I mean, how could I not.  We're talking about restarting this company, we're talking about getting going once more.  The call was sent out, the EWA is alive, and who else would answer that call besides thee Lone Jobber, Mister EWA.

Ned:  Speaking about people responding, anyone you're hoping for?

LJ:  I just want people who will care Ned.  I want people to really bring it, and what a bigger, more important event to bring it at than Glory.  I've been with this company for just once twenty years now, I've seen some stars come and go, and I've enjoy battling with the majority of them....

Ned:  Not all?

LJ:  Honestly?  There was a couple who clashed with me and as much as we tried, it never worked out.  But you know, I'm really looking forward to this new upcoming time.

Ned:  We were told recently that things would change....

LJ:  As the old song goes, time marches on.  This company, coming back, can't keep doing the same thing it used to, can't.  But I'm excited to really go out and do something amazing for each and every one of our fans who have been waiting all these months for us to be active again.  If this means things will have to be different, I'll adapt.  Teaching this old dog new tricks and all that.  I'm really just ready to go and do it all.

Ned:  Paul Heyman, earlier, said something about this companies history putting six people into a match.  Any ideas?

LJ:  You're really asking me... ME if I've got some ideas about the history that Heyman is talking about.  Oh come on homie.  I really look forward to it.... I mean if it's the one I'm thinking of, considering who Heyman is and his history.... what can I say?  There are things that even I still want to do in this company.

Ned:  You're being cryptic.

LJ:  No shit.

Ned:  You've got no idea do you?

LJ:  I... I want to think he's going one direction, and if he is, he's an asshole.   

Ned:  Why?

LJ:  If it's the match I think... I hope it is... we had about eight or nine of them.  I would have been in... um.. six of them.  Walked in as champion in, I want to say twice, and have never, eh-eh-ever walked out the victor.  If this is where he's going.... you can say I'll be motivated to finally grasp that brass ring.

Ned:  And if it's not whatever you think it is?

LJ:  Well then just like the final season of Game of Thrones, I'll have hyped myself up too much, but fuck it, I'll do my best regardless.

Ned:  You... you do remember that not only has Paul not announced what the match is, but even who would be in it?  You might not.

LJ:  I'm Lone Jobber.

Ned:  yes, I said that in the intro.

LJ:  Mister EWA.

Ned:  Are you going to run off your nicknames?

LJ:  Not putting me in something, come on now Ned.  Paulie knows how to hype a crowd, and who wouldn't hype a big time match like this face?  Come on now.  Sure he and I haven't always been cool, but he's a business man, and I'm good for the business, man.

Ned:  That was painful.

LJ:  You know Ned, not only does tonight mark a night of Glory, but one might also say it's.... (looks off a bit) the dawning of a new day.  My name is Lone Jobber, and soon, once again, you'll all remember what it's like to job... to the Jobber.



Ned:  Oh fuck, I... really?  This entire promo for that one line?

LJ:  Pretty much.   

Ned:  And the river?

LJ:  Oh it just relaxes me.  Plus I liked the ambiance of the waves crashing below.  So, whose hungry?  The fam wouldn't mind seeing ya'll again.

Ned:  Yeah, sure.

Jay:  Just let me finish up here and I'll be there.  See ya soon.
Roleplays / Let Me Introduce Myself
« Last post by Sir Rockin on September 29, 2020, 07:21:08 PM »
(“Good Friendship Song” begins to play)

“We're really glad that you're our friend
And this is a friendship that will never ever end”

(Door Opens and Bray Wyatt walks in to the room as a crowd claps and cheers)

Hi Everyone! Did you miss me? Let tell you, I have missed everyone of you.

(Crowd Goes “Awe”)

I knew that one day, we would be back together. I saw it, in my dreams, that one day, we would all find each other again. I knew that one day, we would find our way back home. To my home...

The Firefly Funhouse!

(Crowd Claps and Cheers)

For those who don't know me, let me introduce myself. My name is Bray Wyatt. The last time some of you may have seen me around these parts, I was busy dealing with a bunch of no good degenerates who were out to hurt and harm me.

(Crowd boos)

But I have moved past that. I have forgiven those no good degenerates for what they have done. I have moved past it. That was the old me. The evil me. I was what they call a very bad man.

(crowd boos)

It is okay. I deserve that. However, that was the old me. I have changed. Trust me, I have. I have also been punished for all my wrong doings. There was this one time I had to fight in some sort of lake and battle drones. Trust me, I paid for my sins.

(Crowd Claps and Cheers)

Which is why I have found myself here. A new and changed man. A man who is only looking to put smiles on all of your faces!

(Crowd Claps and Cheers)

I need to tell all my fireflies something. I am just super duper excited to be here. I even here we have a big party to plan. I hear there is a big party happening at the end of the month called Glory! Yowie Wowie!

(Crowd Claps and Cheers)

From what I hear its going to be the biggest party of the year. So many friends of mine are going to be there, which is why Ramblin' and Mercy are busy today. They are out getting all of the supplies we need to make this the biggest party EVERRRRRRRRRRR!

(Crowd Claps and Cheers)

I hear there are even going to be people I haven't met there before too. My excitement level firelfies is through the roof! I can barely contain it!

I am just so happy that Mr. Heyman is allowing me to be apart of this big event. He thinks I am going to do well here. Which makes me super stoked!

(Crowd Claps and Cheers)

So Fireflies, I hope you join me at this GLORIOUS event. As I want to party with each and every one of you. Its going to be GREAT!

Because just like Mr. Heyman said... All you gotta do is... LET ME IN!

(Stares in to camera)




(“Good Friendship Song” begins to play)

“We're really glad that you're our friend
And this is a friendship that will never ever end”
Roleplays / Conference Call 09-29-20 Featuring Paul Heyman
« Last post by Sir Rockin on September 29, 2020, 04:04:10 PM »
Conference Call: 09/29/20

Moderator:Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to welcome all of you to today's conference call ahead of this Wednesday's Pay Per View Event, Glory. Today's guest will be EWA Representative, Paul Heyman. Before we begin, we will turn things over to the lead of voice of the EWA, Mark with an announcement. Mark, the floor is yours.

Mark:Good afternoon everyone. I don't want to take up much of your time. I have been instructed on behalf of EWA Management to make a very important announcement ahead of this Wednesday's Glory Event. After weeks of discussions and negotiations, EWA Management have come to terms with Paul Heyman and he has been officially hired as the new Executive Director of the Extreme Wrestling Alliance and he will be in control of the creative direction of the Extreme Wrestling Alliance going forward. EWA Management would like to officially welcome Mr. Heyman officially to the Extreme Wrestling Alliance Family.

Moderator:At this time, we will welcome officially EWA Executive Director Paul Heyman to the conference call for his opening remarks. Mr. Heyman, the floor is yours.

Heyman:Ladies and Gentlemen, members of the media, My Name is Paul Heyman and I can now officially welcome you all to the Paul Heyman Era of the Extreme Wrestling Alliance. I would like to thank EWA Management for their support for this upcoming event which will be taking place tomorrow night live on Pay Per View, all over the world and streaming on the internet at

Tomorrow Night, I can tell you this, with the world watching, I promise that you will all witness an event like you have never seen before and at the end of the night, there will be a brand new EWA World Heavyweight Champion crowned.

I could talk forever, but lets open it up to questions and see what is on everyone's minds leading in to the event.

Moderator:Our first question comes to us from Jason at

Jason:Mr. Heyman, thank you for taking the time today. The first logical question that needs to be asked is, if this is the only event on the schedule for this company, why would you accept a position of Executive Director?

Heyman:That is a very logical question one would ask up front. Yes, it wouldn't make much sense for me to accept this position of Executive Director, if there was only one event to promote, it wouldn't make much sense now would it?

When this arrangement first started a couple of months ago, I came in to this with a promoters mindset of building this one show and making it the best show possible. Let me be honest with you, this was originally scheduled to be one event only, that is all I signed up for. In the last couple of weeks, there was a lot of chatter with in EWA Management who were interested in doing something more than just one event. They were interested in creating something that would create an environment that would allow us to market and promote events that made the most sense for the brand. With what is going on in 2020, there is a lot of uncertainty. The one thing that is certain, content is key. Everyone is looking for content and everyone is also looking for an opportunity, which is what led to casual discussions to turn in to full on contract discussions, which led to me becoming the Executive Director of the Extreme Wrestling Alliance.

This company has been around for over two decades now and while there have been inactive periods of time as of late, depending on who you ask. There are some who will say that this haven't been any down periods, as they have been keeping the promotion alive somewhere on a private server on the internet, which means all of this files have probably been redacted.

As mentioned, this company has been around for two decades and with the longevity comes a long history of landmark events that people will always talk about. The one landmark event that everyone mentions is Glory, which we will be producing tomorrow night on Pay Per View. There are other landmark events that people know as well, which doesn't go unnoticed from a variety of different media partners. Which is why we have come to an agreement with a variety of different media partners to create a setup where we will promote landmark events for the foreseeable future.

Moderator:Our next question comes from Sean at

Sean:Paul, the currently landscape for pro wrestling is very crowded, with many different organizations currently producing events on a weekly basis, how does the EWA fit in this landscape?

Heyman:There are a lot of promotions running weekly. We all know who they are. Some of them have been in this landscape for a year, some have been in the landscape for forty years. I know what the landscape is, which is why I know it is not smart for this company to put itself in a place right now where it is going to compete with those promotions.

This company for fifteen years ran events weekly. That model doesn't fit in this current landscape. I mentioned landmark events and that is what we are going to be doing going forward. I know the next question will be, how often?

The current plan, which is subject to change, is to take these landmark events and promote them on a bi-monthly basis. Now lets set the ground rules on what that means. It means that we could run four events a year up to six events a year, which will depend on situations, timing and what works for environment that we are in.

Moderator:Our next question comes to us from Dave at



Dave:We all know your history in this business and the people you have worked with and one of the most famous men you have worked with is Brock Lesnar, will Brock Lesnar be apart of the event tomorrow night.

Heyman:Dave, you know I can't tell you that.

Dave:I have to ask the question Paul.

Heyman:I know that Dave. In regards to talent appearing on this show, the only thing I can say that you will be seeing talent you are used to seeing in this promotion and you will be seeing talent from other promotions as well. As far as my client, BROOCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKK LEESSSNNNARRR is concerned, well lets just say he has been watching what has been going on and he knows that for this event, the checkbook is wide open. You can take that for whatever you wish on that one.

Moderator:We have time for one last question from Mike at

Mike:Is there anything you can tell us about any of the challenges that talent will have to face at Glory?

Heyman:That would ruin the surprise now wouldn't it?

Mike:You can give us a little hint?

Heyman:All I can tell you is this, there are certain things you know from the history of this promotion, that when you take six people and put them in one match. If you know your history, you can figure it out. If you don't, then I would tell you to check out the and you can see the footage for yourself.

Moderator:Mr. Heyman, any closing comments?

Heyman:Thank you all for joining me today. I can promise you this, tomorrow night will be the start of something very special. What is planned for this show, will be something different and unique and it will be the start of a journey that hopefully will lead to some exciting moments and help remind people why this is one of the most dominant brands in all of Sports and Entertainment. I hope to see you all tomorrow night at Glory.

Moderator:This will end today's conference call. Reminder Glory 2020 will be available on Pay Per View and streaming live on
The Chatter Box / Re: Ahem
« Last post by Sir Rockin on September 29, 2020, 12:42:19 PM »
always needs to be the center of attention... always.
The Chatter Box / Re: Ahem
« Last post by Sarah J McMahon on September 27, 2020, 07:53:00 PM »
Yes, this has my attention as well.  Well said Ace. 
The Chatter Box / Ahem
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Alright, so you have my curiosity. Yes, I made a whole separate thread just to say this.

You're Welcome.
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