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The Chatter Box / Re: What If: A Creative Proposition
« Last post by Sir Rockin on September 22, 2020, 05:07:48 PM »
which line? there were many lines.
The Chatter Box / Re: What If: A Creative Proposition
« Last post by Lone Jobber on September 22, 2020, 04:55:04 PM »
Really Rock, really?  That line?

Anyhow, I will say, I enjoy the title of this subforum.  Class act as usual.
The Chatter Box / What If: A Creative Proposition
« Last post by Sir Rockin on September 22, 2020, 04:33:52 PM »
What If...

That has been the question I have been asking myself for lets say the last six months. What if there was a way to recreate the magic of something, but in a different manner. What if there was a way to create a system that would allow people to have a creative outlet, while at the same time not have the pressure that once existed.

What if that was the case?

The first What If scenario that was tested was the creative event that happened on April 1st, the whole Unholy Alliance event, that was basically a throwback to what the shows used to be, with a little bit extra thrown in. It was a call back to what we used to do. It seemed like most people enjoyed it as well. I know I had fun writing it.

The next What If scenario is what is coming up at the end of the month. Another chance to create something fun and exciting, while at the same time thinking about what could be done for the future.

Which led to me thinking of an idea... A What If...

What if we brought back the EWA once again. I know I know, the way things ended the last time we brought it back for one final run, didn't end the way any of us had hoped. I get it, I take fault in some of that. Sometimes life just comes at you and stops whatever you are trying to do. I mean lets all look at what has happened here in 2020.

Now here is my creative proposition to people. As you can see, sometime is building here, look around, sign up for an account and all that fun jazz. The creative proposition is to create an environment we create stand alone events, say once a quarter, where we have the chance to be creative, without feeling like we need to rush to do anything.

For example, say you are working in a kitchen and there is a down period where nothing is going on and an idea comes to you that you think is interesting and people might enjoy. Now you would have a platform to creatively express that idea for people to see, instead of just leaving it in your own mind and it not going anywhere.

There is a lot to be decided and how “Competitive” this whole scenario can be. If no one is interested and only wants to read stuff, thats fine. If its just me being creative for the sake of being creative, then that is fine too.

All I am offering to you is a place for people to be creative if a world they are familiar with.

Feedback is welcome.

What If...
Event Details / Event Details: Glory 2020
« Last post by Sir Rockin on September 19, 2020, 02:55:59 PM »
Ladies and Gentlemen, My Name is Paul Heyman... On Wednesday Night, September 30th, 2020... I have been given an opportunity to go back to my roots. I have been given the chance to do something that I haven't had the opportunity to do on my own in a very long time. While I have enjoyed being the humble advocate to the one and only... BRRRRROOOOCCKKKK LEEESSSSNNNARRR!

There however is part of me that misses being your Extreme Emperor. The one who controls the fate of not just one performer, but the fate of every single performer that will step inside the squared circle on September 30th. With this opportunity, comes certain... challenges as they were.

For the last couple of weeks I have spent time looking over a bunch of paper work. I have looked over a lot of different contracts. I have also spent hours upon hours watching old footage of past Glory events. I have watched the domination of Degeneration X... I have watched the rise of William McConnell in to the Glorious One... I have watched all of the blood and sweat that all of the men and women have delivered inside and sometimes outside of the squared circle on these shows. I know what people have done and I also know that I have certain expectations that I need to live up to, especially when it comes to this...

The EWA World Heavyweight Championship. I know the Road to Glory that many have traveled down in the past to possibly get an opportunity to fight for this championship. Which is why when I make the bold statement of, we will crown a NEW EWA World Heavyweight Champion on September 30th... That I need to deliver on that statement.

I know when I arrive to the building on September 30th, I will have an entire locker room full of hungry performers who will want an opportunity to be the next EWA World Heavyweight Champion. I also know that for the longest time that there has been the infamous "Glass Ceiling", that every promotion has to deal with, which is why I need to make a promise to everyone out there who is looking to show perform on this show... I promise you, our next EWA World Heavyweight Champion, will not be someone who holds CORE Values.

Now you are probably saying to yourselves, well Paul, how are you going to make sure that doesn't happen. It is very simple. Those men who like to "Break it Down"... Won't be on this show.

Shocker I know.

However, we all need to realize that it is 2020 and those so called Degenerates... Probably won't be able to keep up with the talent that I am assembling for this show. You see for this show, there is an open invite system. I have instructed the people back at the offices that any talent that calls up and says that they want to compete on this show, that we will send them a plane ticket right away and they will be apart of this show.

I know what you are saying, Paul Heyman has an open checkbook for a show, he is probably going to run this place out of business. Look around for a minute and just think about it...

Now that you are done thinking about it, lets get back down to business. As I mentioned, anyone who wants to compete on this show will be given the opportunity to do so, but lets be clear, I am now just looking for any jabroni off the street. I am looking for a certain type of individuals to compete on this show. I am looking for people who fit my vision for what an Extreme athlete is.

The type of athlete I am looking for is someone who knows how to bring the Carnage and create some Chaos. Someone who doesn't mind a little bit of Torture along the way. Someone who is willing to bring the Mayhem, someone who is willing to be a Hellraiser like kids on Halloween. For our next World Heavyweight Champion, I am looking for someone who is able to handle the stakes when they are at their highest, someone who won't fold under the pressure, in fact, I am looking for someone who when the moment strikes, they will Sabotage their foe or even their friend, if it comes down to it. I am looking for someone who lusts over blood. I am looking for the One athlete who willing to go on Warpath and dominate the competition. The next World Heavyweight Champion needs to be able to play Headgames with their opponents. If they don't, then they have NO CHANCE of being the next World Heavyweight Champion.

I know that person is out there. I know that person will be apart of the event on September 30th. I know that person will be the next World Heavyweight Champion.

Before we close this out, there is one actual spoiler I would like to give all of you, who are looking to compete on Wednesday Night, September 30th. There will be six athletes at the end of the night who will be fighting for the World Heavyweight Championship, but to get to that point, you will have to go thru an entire night of obstacles and challenges, in which you will have to earn your spot in the championship finale. There will be six different obstacles to overcome. If you overcome them, you are in, if you fall short, you won't have the chance to be the next World Heavyweight Champion.

Do you have what it takes? Are you ready for you Glory Moment?

If you are, I will see you, Wednesday Night, September 30th at Glory.
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