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The Next Step
« on: October 07, 2020, 01:29:21 PM »
So the show is out. If you enjoyed it, im glad. If you hated it, well, then thats your opinion. What does this all mean for what is coming next? It means we are going to actually put together a card and a show featuring talent that people plan on using. If you haven't signed up for the forum, please do so, because that will be the only way to really keep track of people who are interested in being part of this continuation of what we have been creating for the better part of two decades.

Ive created a sign up page for people to basically lay out the character or characters that you are interested in using in this continuation project. If you want to use one, then thats fine, if there are characters that you would like to pick up and try, then so be it. I for one would be interested to see someone like Jobber pick up the Young Bucks and write out his own version of a Being the Elite show, but thats just me.

In the coming days i'll be posting the date of the next big show we are going to put on and what we are going to try, once i get a feel for what characters are going to be being used, etc. There is no pressure for anyone to pick up any character. For me, its a creative project, where I just want to have a space to be creative in the environment I enjoy the most. If no one really cares, then i'll just write jokes that make myself laugh.

Either way, welcome to the future. Welcome to the next chapter and I hope you all enjoy.