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Acknowledgement - Charlotte
« on: November 16, 2020, 02:33:44 PM »
Kent:Good afternoon everyone out there in internet land here on Facebook Live. I am Kent Richardson and welcoming you to another edition of EWA Live. Today, we have a very exciting show for you as we have our first ever in studio guest since we have launched this show, everyone please welcome Charlotte Flair! Charlotte, welcome back to the show and welcome to the studios!

Charlotte:Thank you for having me.

Kent:What brings you to the Studios today?

Charlotte:I was ask to come by today and film some video stuff for the social channels and have a tour, since its my first time being up here.

Kent:What do you think?

Charlotte:You guys have a nice setup going.

Kent:Thanks. Now lets get to the hard hitting stuff.

Charlotte:Lets Go.

Kent:About three weeks ago was the last time we spoke and during that session, you issued your first challenge here in the EWA, where you wanted to face the last ever EWA Womens Champion.


Kent:About eleven days ago, EWA's Executive Director Paul Heyman made it official, that you will indeed face the last EWA Womens Champion at Seasons Beatings. However, Paul didn't actually announce the name of your opponent.


Kent:He said he was waiting for the person to step up and announce it themselves.


Kent:Why aren't either yourself or Paul Heyman saying the name of your opponent?

Charlotte:Lets talk about Mr. Heyman first. I asked Mr. Heyman to not announce who it is as a favor for me. Mr. Heyman wanted to make it clear who it was, but I was completely against it.


Charlotte:The simple answer to why is, because.

Kent:Because why?

Charlotte:I figured that's how you were going to reply to that statement. It is because I am enjoying myself Kent. I am enjoying playing a game of mystery, even though its very clear who it is. Everyone knows it. I just want to hear them acknowledge it and talk about it.

I am enjoying knowing I am controlling how they are forced to create their next piece of content and how they have to focus it about acknowledging the legacy of what they left before them. People like to take pride in creating their own direction and their own path.

It is what I am doing. I am creating my own path and direction and I know my end goal.

I also know that the person who has to answer my challenge likes to go in their own direction. They like to create their own content a certain way. For the longest time, no one has ever put this person in a position where they are the one calling them out. They usually just look at the card and go, that is who I am facing so I am going to center my content around this and boom, they are done.

I went out and I challenge them to this match. I called them out knowing that even though I have yet to once say their name, I have their attention. I am now the focus of what their existence. I am now the object that stands in their way.

Kent:Will you ever say their name?

Charlotte:Of course.


Charlotte:Once they say mine. It is a respect thing. Acknowledge me. I will acknowledge you. Simple as that.

Quite frankly, it is a humbling experience for them. For once they have to acknowledge someone other than themselves. Which at the end of the day, at Seasons Beatings, they will be HUMBLED by The QUEEN!

Kent:Thank you for joining me today.

Charlotte:My pleasure.

Kent:That will wrap things up here today for EWA Live. We hope to be back later in the week with another guest. Good Bye Everyone!