Author Topic: Oh was I supposed to say something - woops ~~ Lone Jobber  (Read 368 times)

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Oh was I supposed to say something - woops ~~ Lone Jobber
« on: December 10, 2020, 06:34:53 AM »
We're taken to the backstage area with our hosts Ned Tesseract and Jay Jixhel.  The duo seem to be getting impassionat, looking around constantly, checking the time on their phones.  The men take a collective sigh of relief when they see the one and only Lone Jobber turn a corner and approach them. 

Ned:  Damn Jobber, I know you like to cut it close, but this might be too much for the new management.

Jobber:  As some very close peeps of mine would say “meh”. 

Jay:How've you been doing Jobs?

Jobber:  Oh, I've been good.  Thanksgiving was quiet and all that.  Just a nice relaxing time.  It was good.

Jay:  Okay... but you know that some people were waiting to see you right?

Jobber:  And they all can for the upcoming Lone Jobber celebrates the holidays, which you can find at Twitter dot com slash Lone Jobber.  We're thinking we've got the time to hopefully put our some fun segments this year, starting with Hannukah. 

Ned:  Alright, now that we've got your pimping your shit out for the holidays, the fans wanted your response to the challenge laid you before you for Season's  Beatings...

Jobber:  Ahh Seasons Beatings.  One of my favorite events, I just can't get enough of the age old favorite, the Holiday Bowl.

Ned:  Yes...

Jay:  He's dancing around it.

Jobber:  Hmm?

Ned:  You were challenged.  By Charlotte.  We all have been waiting for your response.

Jobber:  Right, right.  How charged is the battery on that guy, you know how I am.

Ned:  Oh, we expected a long rambling session, so when you're ready.  What do you have to say to Ms Flair?

Jobber: Charlotte wanted to face the last ever EWA Women's Champion, which, was me.  To Cee and I, one on one at Season's Beatings ---clears throat--- no.

Ned and Jay exchange glances in the hanging silence.

Ned:  What do you mean with just “no”.

Jobber:  Nah.  I'm flattered you want to work with the best, but pass.

Jay:  That's... not what people were expecting.

Jobber:  You thought I'd spend hours ripping into her, talking all about how she's finally going to get into the ring with a true great, a man who actually earned his 16 plus world title reigns... and about how I was going to teach her a lesson?

Jay:  Pretty much.

Jobber:  Nah.

Jay:  But she challenged you.

Jobber: And I passed.  See that's the thing, this match, it's not for me.  You know me, I'm a two time women's champion in this company.  But frankly, I always thought those sort of matches sucked.  No offense to Charlotte or Tessa or any of the other ladies who are making a name for themselves with those sort of matches, but intergender matches like that are, in my view, trash. 

Ned:  Trash.

Jobber:  Yeah, they are garbage, low rent matches. 

Ned:  You just said you're a two time woman's champion.  Seems...

Jobber:  Hypocritical of me, yeah, maybe kinda.  But that's the thing, that trash happened nearly a decade ago.  And to be frank, if you go back and watch any of those, it was mostly just me ducking and dodging attacks.  I hated being put into that position, and these days, guess what, it's easier now than ever to say, nah.  I'm good.

Ned:  But there is a match signed.  Charlotte is going to be expecting to face someone.

Jobber:  And... if she does, I've got someone in mind.  So my dear Charlotte, I must break your heart, no, no I won't be taking part in your trash wrestling match, but.. but if you want, there is a young lady Team Jobber has been working with these past few whatevers.  True, she's not a mega star like myself, but I'm sure she's more than up for the challenge.  So Ms. Charlotte, self proclaimed Queen, let me introduce you to my newest protege, the Queen of Crazy herself....

Ned and Jay turn to were Jobber motions and sees the young lady that Jobber mentioned.  She does a little finger wave before Jobber leaves Ned and Jay to themselves.

Ned:  She seems...

Jay:  Familiar?

Ned:  Yeah.  And it's not just the whole teal and purple on black...

Jay:  Jobber did say she was part of Team Jobber.

Ned:  We're not losing our spot are we?

Jay:  We're legends, of course not.  Not to some... newbie.

Ned:  Yeah but still.... I feel like I've seen her before. 

Jay:  Tall, pale, redheads.. I mean... oh...

Ned:  You don't think?

Jay:  I mean, I dunno.

And as we look upon the confused and worried faces of Ned and Jay, we fade away.