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Is it Prize or Pride? - Undisputed Era
« on: February 03, 2021, 10:56:45 AM »
Kent:Welcome back to another edition of EWA Live streaming live on Facebook Live. My name is Kent Richardson and my guest today is none other than one of the members of the Undisputed Era, please welcome to the program, via Zoom, Adam Cole. Adam, thank you for joining me today.

Cole:Thanks for having me.

Kent:Lets start with the events of a few weeks ago, where the Undisputed Era made their debut. Yourself, along with your three partners, Roderick Strong, Kyle O'Reilly and Bobby Fish, decided to attack Brock Lesnar at Seasons Beatings. Its been a few weeks, do you still think it was a smart idea?

Cole:Of course it was. Do you really think we would have done something that wasn't a smart idea Kent?

Kent:Only reason I asked, is because coming up at the Extreme Bowl, you are now scheduled to go one on one with Brock Lesnar.

Cole:I welcome the opportunity. I welcome the opportunity to get in the ring with Brock Lesnar. I welcome the opportunity to get in the ring with him and KICK HIS ASS.

Kent:That is a very bold statement.

Cole:Thats because it is. That is also because thats is what is going to happen. I am not going to play the run around game and hype up Brock Lesnar, thats Paul Heyman's job. Paul Heyman will play the role of hype man for Brock Lesnar. My job is to tell it like it is and after I tell it like it is, my job is to get in the ring and back up every single thing that I say I am going to do.

I could come at you with a long list of things I will do. I could break it down move by move. I could tell you exactly when and where I am going to drop him in the middle of the ring. But why should I do that? Its much easier to say I am going to KICK HIS ASS and mean it.

Which is exactly what I am going to do.

(Paul Heyman walks in to the studio)

Kent:Paul, what are you doing here?

Heyman:I work here.

Kent:You arent scheduled to be apart of this program today.

Heyman:I understand that Kent. Now with all due respect, you need to keep quiet, as I want to talk to your guest today, Mister Adam Cole. Hello Adam.

Cole:Hello Paul.

Heyman:Now Mr. Cole, I was just in my office listening to what you had to say, especially about how you were going to kick my client, BRROOCCCCCKKKKKK LEEEEESSSSSSSSNNNNAAAAAAAAARRRR's ass, is that what I heard.

Cole:You damn right thats what you heard.

Heyman:I find that very amusing.

Cole:Why is that Paul?

Heyman:Because, my client is a BEAST. He is a Conqueror. He is a Destroyer. Can you say the same about yourself?

Cole:I dont have to call myself anything other than the guy is going to roll up to the Extreme Bowl and Superkick your clients head right off his shoulders.

Heyman:By yourself?

Cole:Of course by myself.

Heyman:What you are telling me, is that you don't need help from Roderick Strong, Kyle O'Reilly or Bobby Fish, is that what you are saying?

Cole:I see what you are trying to do Paul.

Heyman:What ever do you mean?

Cole:You want to try and drive a wedge between me and my boys. I know your tricks Paul.

Heyman:There are no tricks Mr. Cole. I just wanted to know if you are going to walk in to this match up with My Client, Brock Lesnar and fight him one on one.

Cole:I am coming to the Extreme Bowl and I am coming to kick your client's ass. Thats what I am coming to do.

Heyman:Say you can do it by yourself. Say it Mr. Cole, say it.

Cole:You best believe Paul, I can kick Brock Lesnar's ass all on my own.

Heyman:If you can kick his ass on your own, why didn't you do it back at Seasons Beatings. Why didn't you step up LIKE A MAN and do it by yourself. Why did you need your boys to help you?

Cole:It wasn't about needing help. That was about sending a message and thats what me and my boys did. We sent a message to you, your client and to this entire company.

Heyman:What exactly was that message?

Cole:That the Undisputed Era has arrived and we are here to make this place... OURS!

Heyman:If that was the message you were trying to send. I think it failed.

Cole:Why would you say that?

Heyman:All you did at Seasons Beatings, was piss off Brock Lesnar. You made him angry.

Cole:Oh did we?

Heyman:Why yes you did.

Cole:Good. I am glad he is pissed off. Brock Lesnar deserves to be pissed off and angry. But let me ask you something Paul.

Heyman:Whats that?

Cole:You always look out for your client's best interest right?

Heyman:Of course.

Cole:Wasn't your client demanding competition.

Heyman:Yes he was.

Cole:Didn't your client also declare himself for the Extreme Bowl Match.

Heyman:Yes he did.

Cole:Isn't the Extreme Bowl match an opportunity for bigger competition.


Cole:Isn't the Extreme Bowl for the EWA World Heavyweight Championship.

Heyman:It is.

Cole:Isn't your client a prize fighter?

Heyman:Yes, yes he is.

Cole:Then why isn't he fighting for the biggest prize in the world. Why isn't he in the Extreme Bowl fighting for the EWA World Heavyweight Championship. He did declare for it afterall.

Heyman:Because Mr. Cole, he is fighting you.

Cole:Did Brock Lesnar want to fight me or did you YOU want him to fight me?

Heyman:My client...

Cole:Don't give me the run around Paul. I know what the answer is. Brock Lesnar doesn't need a match with me to get revenge. He could storm in to a locker room and look for a fight. Its Brock Lesnar. Did you want him out of the championship match so your client doesnt have to face The Fiend?


Cole:What happened to Mr. Cole. Now its Adam. Did I strike a nerve with you Paul?

Heyman:Mr. Cole. You need to remember, not only am I the advocate for Brock Lesnar, I am also your boss.

Cole:Oh trust me, I know that you are playing both sides of the table. Which is why I know that you don't think your client could beat The Fiend. You were hoping that Ace would have taken the championship away from The Fiend, so your client could roll in to the Extreme Bowl and fight for the EWA World Heavyweight Championship. Since Ace didn't do it, you found the first opportunity you could to pull your client out of the match up. I doubt your client was too happy about that.

Heyman:My Client, was fine with it.

Cole:You just said it yourself, Brock Lesnar is a PRIZE fighter. There is no trophy in this for him. There is now championship on the line when him and I square off at the Extreme Bowl. Its just me and him. One on One. No championships. Just pride. So is he a Pride fighter now, not a prize fighter?

Heyman:My client is a Conqueror and Mr. Cole, he is coming to the Extreme Bowl, to conqueror you.

Cole:He is coming to conqueror me rather than fight for the EWA World Heavyweight Championship. Sounds like to me, you aren't doing whats best for your client.

Heyman:Why is that?

Cole:Because come the Extreme Bowl. Your Client, Mr. Heyman, is going to LOSE this PRIDE fight. As I am coming to the Extreme Bowl, to KICK HIS ASS and that simply, is UNDISPUTED!

(Call Hangs Up)

Kent:Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you all for tuning in another edition of EWA Live. We will see you all again very soon.