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About Garak
« on: September 30, 2020, 08:53:22 AM »

For this wondering, Garak (the Great as he calls himself) is a newer character.  Really hoping (though not caring too much) that it doesn't bother anyone that I basically used the story from "EWA Post-EWA" I was writing before.  I always kept writing more and more story for when the fed died, and it got to the point where I needed someone new, and Garak was one such guy.  You can read the story bits over at .

The original story was written a couple years back (I wanted a multi-year long story) however coming back to it later I also felt the company needed a character like Garak.  So I made him and started the retcon the EWA Post-EWA series to include him.   :P

So who is he?  Well as he said, he's a guy who grew up watching the EWA.  He's a more modern Psyko Boy/Lone Jobber.  Where as PYB and LJ grew up watching and idolizing Shawn Michaels, NWO, DX and such, Garak was watching us.  He was there at the arena for MayHem 2008 taking it all in.  He is the result of all of us.  He wanted to stylize himself after his heroes, PYB/LJ, but much like them quickly soured on his old idols.  I realize following the "EWA Post-EWA" story does use your characters, but honestly I was like "fuck it, it's a story I've been working on forever when everyone stopped caring, he's a fun character".  There is a the skeleton of the story I'd like to continue, just help write around it.

So lets see here.  He's a heel.  About 6 foot tall, 215.  He's not too much unlike your mental image of a vanilla indie midget.  He's very much that.  At this point he's 27 years old (having started at Glory 18 at 25, which is really not that young for this company, seriously, we all sucked at properly aging our characters - I mean how many characters started out around 21-22 and were the biggest thing ever?).  Light brown hair, shoulder length.  Boots, tights, elbow pads, blah blah blah.  Moveset is your average indie/AEW/NXT guy sort of thing just with an EWA twist.  Because he was an EWA geek he's a bit of a historian so he's had a lifetime studying each one of our characters.  Hell, one idea is that he might have been in an eFed much like real life we were where he might have been one of us. 

Honestly one of the reasons I really wanted a character like him is to help make the company fleshed out.  It needed to have an impact on the world around it otherwise it only exists in this weird bubble zone where we pull names from real life companies, the indies, and our various created characters, but none of them previously gave a damn about the EWA.  Stewie, Ace, Vertigo, Omega, Jeremy Johnson, the Bennits, Subway, Dante, Phantom (blah blah blah you get the idea) none of them really knew about the company before, they knew WCW/WWE/ECW/ROH/TNA/NWA, and in that way we stayed way too small for how we presented ourselves.  When someone new came in they should know about the great rivalries and super events.  He helped fix that stumbling block in my mind when i was writing the story.  No longer was I just limited to the guys we used to have (can't keep going back to the well), no longer was I limited to guys I see on TV (again, they're newer for the company but not real fresh blood for a universe) nor the minor enhancement talent I've made on video games over the years (better, but they were really just enhancement talent or fun characters I liked personally and none really would transition well over).  He was just fun guy, plus a ready made story (and yes the parallels to the PYB coming of age/midsummer nightmare are totally intended) which makes the company feel more. 

And for what it's worth, yeah that's his theme I ended the promo with.  "For the Glory" by All Good Things.  I had it playing on Pandora in the background and the moment it said "it's a blowout" I'd already gone "yup, I don't care what this is, it's Garaks".  The Glory part I didn't know until I tabbed over to it. 

I mean since I doubt it'll go beyond us at this point (that'd be cool if it did, but.. you know) we should have people like Velveteen Dream (1995) Jungle Boy (1997) Tegan Nox (1994) Adam Page (1991) Peyton Royce (1992) MJF (1996) think of wrestling as including the EWA instead of reality.  Our multi-decades long history should have an impact on the up and coming crop much like real companies had on our characters.

Since I guess I should, Finisher is the Greatest Tiger Driver (kneeling tiger driver 98) with signature move being That Overused Kick (superkick, I mean Rock is there a better name?). 

If you have questions, just ask. 

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