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UFC - CM Punk & Bray Wyatt
« on: February 28, 2021, 02:41:47 PM »
Kent:Good Afternoon and welcome back to another edition of EWA Live via Facebook Live. This afternoon, I am happy to be joined by one of the men who will be competing for the EWA World Heavyweight Championship inside the Triple Tier Cage at the Extreme Bowl, please welcome for the first time to the program, CM Punk.

CM Punk:Thanks for having me.

Kent:Lets get it out of the way, it has been a while since you have competed inside a squared circle and many are surprised you choose this place, to be the home for your return to the ring. Why did you choose this place?

CM Punk:Because quite frankly, this is the only place that will allow me to just be extremely bitchy about everything that I want to be bitchy about.

(Stares at camera)

CM Punk:But the serious answer is this. I am no stranger to this company. I had a cup of coffee here that didn't go as well as I hoped it would have back in the day and I have always thought that I needed to rewrite that chapter of my life. The opportunity came up and I jumped on it. Everyone knows that I took a much needed break from this business. I had to sort some stuff out and I have. I got my assed kicked in a ring that was not squared, but I enjoyed that opportunity I was given by the UFC.

However, professional wrestling is what I was born to do. I have been in love with this business for a majority of my life and in the past couple of years, I have found that passion for this business again. I didn't think that passion would have led me to once again stepping back in the ring. I only thought I would be someone who would talk about the business and not actually step inside the squared circle, but like the saying goes, in this business, you never say never.

I never said never again. Well I may have, but again, you can't ever say it, so it didn't actually count.

Kent:How has training been going?

CM Punk:Training has been going well. I haven't really changed any of my habits I had when I was trying in MMA. In fact, I am still training some MMA Style stuff. The only difference between the MMA Stuff and the Wrestling stuff, is cardio. Wrestling cardio is no joke. You think your cardio is good and then you get inside the ring and you run around a bunch and you take some bumps and you run those ropes, those unforgiving ropes, you learn real fast that you need to up your cardio game. So I would say thats the one thing I have been focusing on, trying to get my cardio game back up to speed.

In terms of everything else. I did this for almost two decades. Wrestling instincts never go away. Knowing how to kick someone in the head, never goes away. Plus, with this event coming up, it is less about knowing how to trade hold for hold, it is about survival and fighting to the top.

There is one thing people know about me, I know how to survive. I know to fight and claw my way to the top. When you think about everything I have done in my career, I have had to do all of that. I have had to fight and claw my way to the top to accomplish every single thing I have ever wanted. When I wanted to change the game, I had to fight my ass off to do it and I was able to come out the other end a survivor.

Kent:Lets talk about your opponents in this match.

CM Punk:Where do you want to start?

Kent:Lets start with the champion, The Fiend Bray Wyatt.

CM Punk:What do you want to know?

Kent:Thoughts on facing someone as dominant and unpredictable as The Fiend?

CM Punk:The phrase, Unpredictable is a great way to describe who The Fiend is. You never know exactly what you are going to get from him. You don't know how dominant of a monster he is going to be on any given night.

There could be a point where you find a weakness of The Fiend and exploit it, but if you are slow to capitalize on his weakness, you are screwed, because The Fiend will be well aware of his weakness and able to overcome it, if you don't attack it quick enough.

That is what Bray Wyatt is good at as well. He is one of the smartest men to ever in this business, because he thinks on a different level than any of us. His craziness is what makes him the most dangerous. Which is why The Fiend is unpredictable...

(“Good Friendship Song” begins to play)

“We're really glad that you're our friend
And this is a friendship that will never ever end”

Bray Wyatt:Good Afternoon Everyone and Welcome to the Firefly FunHouse!

(Celebration Noises)

Bray Wyatt:Sorry for all of the mess around here, the Funhouse has been under a bit of a renovation in the last few weeks, which is why we haven't had a chance to invite you in to our home in the last few weeks. We are sorry about that.

Like I mentioned, we have gone under a bit of a renovation, as the Firefly FunHouse Has EXPANDED!

(Crowd Cheering Noises)

Despite the objects of a certain individual... (Coughs) Huskus (Coughs) The Firefly FunHouse Has Opened a STATE OF THE ART GYMNASIUM!

(Crowd Cheering Noises)

We have all of the best equipment that you could ever dream of. All the weights, all the machines, we are whipping Huskus right in to shape. Its been the BEST time ever. From what I understand, you need to have all of the BEST stuff, to be the BEST in the world, isn't that right CM Punk?

Oh where are my manners, let me formally introduce myself, My Name is Bray Wyatt. You may know a little bit about me, but I am glad I can finally formally introduce myself to you. Coming up at the Extreme Bowl, you will get formally introduced to HIM and knowing HIM the way I do, he is looking forward to formally introducing himself to you at the Extreme Bowl.


Just like he is excited to meet all his new friends at the Extreme Bowl. HE really likes making new friends, just like I do and everyone here in the Funhouse does. We like to make all types of friends here at the Funhouse. We are very welcoming to everyone.

Now, the reason for this interruption, is we have been hard at work here at the Funhouse like I mentioned earlier and we wanted to show off the new Gymnasium. Now, we could just posted pictures to the IG as the kids like to say, but we decided that whats better than showing off pictures on the Myspace Page, than showing you something LIVE and in person. Now while we have all of these fancy machines and what nots, we also built something SUPER DUPER COOL as well that we think even someone like CM Punk would enjoy.

You want to know what we built?

I think you do.

So everyone come a little bit closer. You gotta get really up close to hear what we built.


Just a little bit closer.


(Celebration Noises)

(Bray Wyatt appears in a Tuxedo as the scene switches to the Hexagon of Fun)



(Crowd Cheering Noises)


(Crowd Cheering Noises)

Your Referee In Charge... Mercy The Buzzard!

(Bell Sounds)

And we are under way! Look at these two individuals about to do battle. Ramblin' Rabbit starts the charge in and Huskus goes right in for the big chomp!

Things aren't looking good for old Ramblin' right now. He is trying to fight his way out of the clutches of Huskus The Pig.

Huskus The Pig just continues to chomp down on Ramblin'.

Mercy The Buzzard just stepped in and called the fight off.

(Bell Sounds)


Talk about a slaughter there folks. That performance right there reminded me of the performance of you CM Punk.


Tons of build and a complete let down.

(Laughs some more)

Just imagine what will happen when you are trapped inside the cage with... HIM!

You have been warned CM Punk. If I were you, I Would...






(Feed Cuts Out and cuts back to Kent Richardson & CM Punk)

Kent:CM Punk, your reaction?

CM Punk:Bray Wyatt is insane, thats my reaction. Come the Extreme Bowl, I will conquer The Fiend... Or I will die trying.

Kent:Thank You for joining me tonight. Get Ready Folks, the Extreme Bowl is near. We will see you again on EWA Live.